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A Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Updated on November 30, 2013

Planning A Healthy Lifestyle

Now that we have made that great big smart choice to change our lifestyle, we are ready to formulate a plan.

The first step for creating our plan will be to go out and buy a spiral notebook which we will us to keep a journal and to use as a log for tracking our results. There are also online sites such as,, and, that have many tools that are useful for tracking our progress. These sites also have support groups and friend building that can aid us along the way to achieving our health goals.

Next we need to jot down all our long term goals. The more specific the goals are the better we can plan our strategy to reach those goals. Once we have defined our long term goals it will be easy to create our short term goals. We just break down the long term goals into small realistically attainable goals. Let’s say our long term goal is to loss 60lbs in a year, we can break that down into monthly segments of 5lbs. a month. Thus we have created a realistically attainable short term goal. All goals need to be measurable and have a time line and limit. It is also important to remember to review our goals on a regular basis so we can make necessary adjustments and so we can see the progress we are making.



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    • profile image

      Jun Flores 7 years ago

      Planning to achieve good things in life is the best way to live life to the fullest making right foods to take is one of our basic needs to have a long life Have a Nice Day.