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A Honey of a Day.

Updated on August 20, 2012

It is a honey of a day around my house today. We just finished off the last of my peanut butter and honey balls for breakfast. Recipe will follow directly. But first I want to share with my recent and new found love for honey.

A few months ago, I turned forty, which given the many blessings in my life, I was really alright with. However, something was telling me, now is the time to develop better eating habits. You see I have a terrible sweet tooth; I simply love all things sugar. Sugar, however, has started to not love me back. Especially when I would consume it first thing in the morning, I would end up feeling sluggish and very tired; I was having a very hard time making it through the day. So I set a goal to give up sugary breakfast foods for a couple weeks and see how I felt.

Everything was going along fine; I was eating yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast and I was definitely starting to feel better. But then it hit without warning, that craving for a doughnut from our local bakery. I’ll admit I was going to cave in, but then I spied the honey bear on our dining table. I thought a piece of toast with a little honey might just be the ticket. Certainly I thought to myself, it was somewhat healthier than a doughnut.

So I indulged that morning and that little bit of golden sweetness really helped with my craving. But there was an added bonus I did not expect. I noticed that morning, I did not really get as hungry as I normally would have when indulging in a bit of sweetness. So I did a little investigating as to why this particular phenomenon occurred. After all I personally hate to be hungry, especially when I am at work and trying to get things done.

Honey, as it turns out has a lower GI (Glycemic Index) than sugar, so it does not spike our blood sugar as quickly as regular sugar does. That is also why I did not get as hungry that day, the honey was helping to keep my blood sugar steady. Though honey does have more calories per tablespoon in comparison with sugar (honey has 64 calories, sugar has 46 calories). So it is important to watch serving sized with honey, but that is with most things. However I have found a little honey goes a long way.

Since that day I have been trying to add a little more honey to my diet. I know at least for myself that it has a much better effect on my own personal health in comparison with sugar. Since February, when I turned forty, I have lost ten pounds. I have made other changes, but more about that later. Granted I am not losing weight at lightening speeds, but I am pleased with my results. It more of a lifestyle change really and the weight loss is just an added bonus.

Apparently honey has many other benefits, including boosting energy which I myself have noticed. Other claims, that I have not yet experienced personally, but thought I would mention, include: building up the immune system and treating sore throats, as well as soothing coughs. As for me, I have decided honey is my new secret weapon in the war against my ravenous sweet tooth.

Recipe for Peanut Butter and Honey Balls

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup nonfat dry milk

½ cup honey

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate for about one hour. Roll into balls. These are fine just as they are, but can be rolled with coconut or dusted with a little cocoa powder. My children occasionally talk me into adding a cup of chocolate chips. Recipe makes between 16-18 balls.


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