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Inside boy Alamjan Nematilaev is his brother

Updated on June 5, 2015

7-year old Alamjan has unusual growing tummy

IN his native land in Kasakhstan lived ALAMJAN NEMATILAEV, 7-years of age, with his family. However, he was unusual and different from other boys his age. He had a seemingly large and growing tummy like that of a pregnant woman. GULNARA, 30, his mother suspected that her son was having the disease called rickets which was common in their locality.

Alamjan's twin brother inside him
Alamjan's twin brother inside him

The scan showed the mysterious lump was a big baby

The school doctor sensed something wrong in the boy. Then , after a gym lesson, he took the boy to the hospital for medical examination. Baffled at the mystery lump, the consultants took scan. The scan showed clearly the shape of a baby inside him. It was a big baby. The doctors could hardly believe their eyes. It was their first time to see such a case.

Mother Gulnara almost fainted knowing Alamjan was pregnant

Gulnara almost fainted when the doctors broke the news to her that her son was pregnant. She admitted shouting to shut off her son’s mouth for inventing stories that something was moving inside him. Sobbing, Gulnara said she didn’t mind his complaints and told him always to keep quiet.


The baby boy inside Alamjan's body lived a parasite for 7 years

Dr. ai-Magaibetov said, “We couldn’t believe our eyes when we scanned him”. And Dr. Valentina Vostrikova, who headed the medical team, said: “It was remarkable – for almost 7 years it lived like a parasite inside the boy’s body”. The embryo was male and lay in such a position that he gets nourishment from his brother. Dr. Vostrikova added that the baby was technically alive, yet not sustainable when separated from his brother.

Doctors operate
Doctors operate

Alamjan is free from hosting his parasite brother for 7 years

The medical team removed a 4-pound baby boy from the.stomach of Alamjan his twin brother. They were amazed upon discovery that the baby boy was attached to Alamjan's blood vessels. It was alive. Alamjan was born with a freak foetus growing inside him. The school doctor’s action to bring Alamjan to the hospital helped saved him. He was now free from hosting his parasite brother for 7 years. The doctors showed the foetus to the members of Alamjan's family. It was a big boy, with a head, a body. hair, nails and a penis.

radioactive pollution in Kasakhstan
radioactive pollution in Kasakhstan

Alamjan's abnormality could have been caused by radioactive pollution

Dr. Maksud ai-Magaibetov- who removed the baby, said, referring to the postmortem that will be conducted, "it will give us the answer as to what exactly happened and why". One cause of abnormality could be radioactive pollution in Kasakhstan dating from Soviet times causing the unnatural developments, he added.



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    • nick071438 profile image

      nick071438 3 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      The twin can't survive on its own being a parasite. It was a mass of flesh with nothing but a head, a body. hair, nails and a penis. It lived for 7 years inside Alanjan's body, getting its nourishment from Alamjan. After the surgery, it will no longer have its source of food because it will be cut to enable Alamjan's to lead a normal life.

    • profile image

      Aspen Melker 3 years ago

      ...So wait a minute. Did the twin survive? I'm guessing he wasn't able to function normally, but the article doesn't really address it.