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A Kit-kat, 20 minutes running

Updated on July 28, 2016

Cars parked alone, moving to get home without using key, blisters that remove wrinkles within minutes ... These are some of the most striking developments of the automotive, mobile phones and cosmetics to gain a foothold in the market current and meet the new demands of consumers. "Progress is renewed," said the philosopher and writer Miguel de Unamuno in the late nineteenth century. And he was right. Clearly, no sector can survive without making innovation one of its main strategies, not the food industry. Proof of this is the almost constant appearance of new ideas, products, flavors, packaging and containers that fit while revolutionize our current way of eating.

This innovation also rewards. Many companies and government agencies that bring events to decorate the best ideas in this field. The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment organizes annually

Spain Food Awards, which seek to promote "respect for the environment, enhanced rural development and local resources, tasks and technological innovation investment and marketing strategies and promotion." Investment in R & D is also awarded by private enterprise: companies such as Nestle, with its Nestlé Innovation Award; Carrefour, which calls the Innovation Awards, or

Grand Prize Chosen Product Innovation of the Year, held in more than 80 countries by a consortium of power companies, promote creativity when meet new needs or improve existing ones, both from its formulation and from its packaging. Here are some ideas in the sector in which the imagination is the protagonist.

Calories, nutrients and minutes of running. Can you imagine finding on the back of your chocolatina how much you have to walk to burn? Familial Hypercholesterolemia Foundation reports the amount of calories that are lost doing each exercise: walk 5 kcal / min, run: 9 kcal / min and cycling at 20 km / h 11 kcal / min; but the medical journal British Medical Journal (BMJ) has proposed that mathematics come made on the packaging of each product. The petition, which has been echoed by the Royal Society for Public Health UK (RSPH, for its acronym in English), is that the tags not only indicate the caloric intake, but they are accompanied by symbols that specify how long you have to exercise to burn. According to the promoters of this idea, more than two thirds of the UK population are overweight or obese, which could indicate that the data appearing today in food and drinks report, but they are not enough, perhaps so cryptic that we They are. The purpose of the new labeling is that in addition to nutritional information, help people change their eating patterns and make them more aware of the energy they consume. According to the British organization, gets rid of the cattle with a cafe mocha medium in 28 minutes running, and a blueberry muffin on 25. So this sweet breakfast will not be anywhere accumulate an hour of race.


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