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A Letter To The Editor About Small Changes

Updated on December 31, 2015
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Barbara worked at Thomas Hospital Home Health and is certified for home health from ANCC. She received her MSN from Mobile University, AL.

Dear Letter to the Editor

I find myself impressed by the neighborhood that cared so much for the look and the feel of their neighborhood that they paid to keep it that way. They loved the way their neighborhood was and did not want a bunch of buildings changing their way of life. Cost a pretty penny as they say and I wager that collectively they feel it was well worth the price.

If that is possible how far could we take that attitude? If they did it what else could a community, a street, a building, a house, an apartment or even one person accomplish if the desire was present?

What if after a commercial encouraging you to use this new drug for type II diabetes then the next commercial is a commercial for a lifestyle change. Not one that wants your money. Rather a free idea of your own. If you never walk on purpose then walk in place while the water for your shower heats up. Don’t laugh and say that or any goal is ridiculously small.

You know the commercial for a new type II diabetes Drug? The next commercial could be peppy and lots of good music advertising what happens to anyone if they change their lifestyle. Not a huge Fat Tuesday kind of change. A very small step. Small as eating breakfast once a month! As small as saying to yourself "OK, fine, I will eat this one strawberry within two hours of waking up but it won’t work and I won’t like it and it won't help." Try that and wait a day, a week, or a month. Who cares how long you wait and think about it? Observe your body and the way you think and feel about whatever small change you allowed yourself to do and then do it again.

Do you get the feeling that every other commercial is a law suits because the new diabetic drug, or any drug, tries to kill you? The next commercial could be what happens if you ask your health care provider to work with you as a team to help you change your lifestyle before swallowing whatever new pill is out there? Tell him or her you know it is reversible and you want to work on small steps to improve your health and well-being before popping a “Oh I HOPE this is the Magic Pill!” into your mouth

Walking in the state trust land Oct 2015

Let's GO!
Let's GO! | Source
Poor Cooper the Bethard Dog made his goal too big! He had to sit a spell. That's ok, We rested with him and said "OK we are ready to try again!"
Poor Cooper the Bethard Dog made his goal too big! He had to sit a spell. That's ok, We rested with him and said "OK we are ready to try again!"

Do small changes have to be just about food and exercise?

Using commercials that promote lifestyle changes doesn’t have to be solely for improving our health. Promoting well being could also be done. For every commercial that says oh look at Dick and Jane they used a credit card to make their dreams come true air one that encourages people to save their pennies, stick to a budget, and have their dreams come true without going into debt to the tune of 19.9% interest. For every one that entices you to buy a new car show one that encourages people to aim for the freedom of driving a vehicle that does not carry a car note! Think of what your savings account would look like if you added that amount to it every month or every other month! That would make a vacation or a holiday wish come true in short order wouldn’t it.

Is it just about food?

The commercials about prepackaged meals and how much weight you can lose if you buy their products makes it seem it is their food that is the presiding factor for weight loss. The commercial following that could be about the fact that it is NOT food that causes weight gain. It is not even about a specific food group. Rather, it is the overall amount of food consumed in a 24 hour period that creates weight loss or weight gain! You may say to yourself "OK, fine but if I eat only the amount of food that my body can use in a days time I am going to feel like I am starving!" That is true but what if you decided your first small change would be to eat just a bit less than you did the day before. No matter how little the amount is, just try it.

Say you ate a bagel with cream cheese and coffee yesterday. The next morning you might eat just the top of the bagel with cream cheese and eat it much slower than you did the day before. If that is too much of a change try eating slower for one meal. It takes the brain 20 minutes to realize you are eating. That is how the full and hungry hormones, gherlin and leptin work in our bodies. The point is to try one tiny change. No matter how tiny. If the only change you can implement is that you think you might think about a small change then go for it! Desire, hope, even a wish, is the spark that starts the fire of a revolution.

Look at all the lovely primary colours! Eat them up!


See yourself in your mirror a day, week, or a decade from now. What do you want to see?

What would you look like a year from today if you implemented one small change in one aspect of your health and well being? Create that picture of your future self in your mind and use that for your goal post. I feel strongly that this idea can be used to create a positive and lasting change. A change for the new year that will not have to be re-done, re-worded, or revised a year from today.

And so, Dear Editor, I am interested in hearing what you think of this idea and of what your reader's small step for change will be. I am willing to bet that if implemented, this idea of airing commercials that encourage people to make lifestyle changes would be a revolution for good health and quality of life! A revolution that would kill diseases, stop poor health, and destroy chronic illness. That is a revolution to support!


A Conscientious Objector


Remember this anonymous quote: A war is when someone else tells us who the enemy is but a revolution is when we figure it out for ourselves!

Just one small change

One after another

Just one small change built atop one another

Then look!

You have made not just one small change but many!

And now they are

All together

Changes made for the good!

Two boxes in progress of my small change poem


Some Interesting Links

I was excited to hear that the 2015 Dietary Guidelines would encourage all of us to eat all our lovely colours as far as nutrition is concerned. Here is a link to the guidelines

and here is the link to chapter 2 which talks about Fruits and Vegetables!

Of course, there are other places on the internet from sources you can trust about nutrition.

Here is a link to one of my favourite sites, Mayo Clinic,and this link is to an article that discusses nutrition

Research on your own and let me know what you learn!

So what exactly is this small step thing?

  1. State your Desire.
  2. Pick one tiny thing that reflects your desire
  3. Set your goal so you will succeed, because, no matter how tiny a win, a win is a win!
  4. Wait and watch what happens.
  5. You will win and then you will want to win again!

What do you think?

If you were going to make a change would an idea like this work for you?

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