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A Letter to My Younger Self

Updated on July 1, 2017

Me around 4 or 5

My Dear Sweet Allisyn,

You are going to have quite an amazing life. I'm here to tell you that yes you are going to make mistakes in your life and yes you may have a few regrets. But in the end, everything always works out. And everything really does happen for a reason.

Keep that silly sense of humor, it will get you through some very tough times. You have some incredible gifts that you were born with. Some will appreciate them and others will be jealous and treat you badly. You will grow up to be a very independent woman (sometimes to your demise).

Watch out for intoxicants. The gifts that you were born with won't be as available to you if you abuse them. Alcohol blocks your natural intuition. And never ever start smoking cigarettes. It will end up being a life long battle. Up to now if you would have never picked up that first cigarette, you would have almost 50,000 dollars more.

Don't ever cash out your 401k. At the age of 50ish, you will be worried about retirement if you do. Sure it seems like a good idea at the time but trust me, it isn't.

Never let a man make you feel less than what you are. It is just their way of controlling you. They know that you are something special and it is just their way of keeping you down to make them feel better about themselves.

You are going to move about the country and make some life long friends. You are always going to be one of the lucky ones and get to work in jobs that you have a passion for.

Me and Mom

Your Mom

Be kind to your mother because you will only have her until you are 17. Don't break her heart and move away to Texas at 16. If he loves you he will be back for you. Even though you think that she will always be there to come home to if things don't work out, she will have to leave. This will be your first lesson in life being too short.

My Cousin, My Dad and Me

Your Dad

Forgive your Dad. You are always the light of his life. He did the best that he could. And did what he thought was right for himself at the time. He will make mistakes as all parents do. Be the better person and don't wait for years to talk to him again.

Me and Susan

Me and Susan a Year Before She Passed Over

Your Sister Susan

Susan will be a big part of your life. You will move half way across the country to live near her. The two of you will be inseparable through out most of your adulthood. Some of your favorite holiday and everyday memories will include Susan. In her words, you will always be her biggest fan. You will not have her as long as you always thought that you would. She too will leave you too soon. She will become your second lesson of life being too short.


Don't let the miles and years keep you from staying in touch with your sister Marsha. She holds the most family memories and is loaded with wisdom. There will come a time where it will just be the two of you left from the original family.

The two of you will become closer than you ever were much later in life. Marsha will be your strong shoulder when times get tough. She will be the one that you can talk to about anything and you will love her more than ever. She is going to be a blessing to have in your life with her sharp wit to keep you laughing at life's mishaps.

Me, Nicholas and his Dad

Nicholas 2016

My Son Nicholas

You are going to have an amazing son, Nicholas. Take the time to enjoy him while he is young. Time goes by fast and in the blink of an eye he will be grown. Spend as much quality time as you can with him. You will raise him on your own so work and paying the bills will get in your way sometimes but find a way to be with him as much as possible.

Nicholas will be funny and creative. He is going to be a good son to you and you will be very proud of him. He will have a big heart and way more sensitive than he would like to let on. Nicholas once went on a school field trip to Washington D.C. I packed him a lunch and gave him spending money. He came home hungry and broke. When I asked him what happened to his lunch and what he bought with his money, he told me that there was a homeless man going through the trash outside of the White House. So he gave him his lunch and all of his money.

My Grandson Little Nick

Little Nick

You are going to be blessed with a sweet grandson, Little Nick. He will teach you a whole new kind of love. He will have his dad's quick wit and big heart. He is going to need you the most so make sure that you are available for him at the drop of a hat.

Me and Brenda

Your Best Friend Brenda

You will meet your life long best friend Brenda your freshman year of high school. The two of you will always be there for each other. No matter how far away that you live from each other, you will always be able to count on her. Unfortunately, she didn't tell you to do something about those bangs.

Me, My Youngest Niece, My Cousin, and Susan

You come from a long line of strong women. We are all very witty, independent, and strong minded. Always take the time to draw from that when things get tough. There is truly nothing that you can't do if you put your mind to it. You will prove this to yourself over and over again.

Me at 52

Much Love,

Your 52 year old self


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    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 10 months ago from Texas

      Thank you I'm so glad that you liked it. It was very therapeutic. I recommend doing this. Some of it made me cry as I wrote and some of it was fun. But all of it reminded me what wonderful life I've had.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 10 months ago from Australia

      Wonderful warm story!