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Hidden Beneath a Face

Updated on December 7, 2013
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Beneath The Lines

There are stories to tell and things to know, hidden beneath a face.

times of old and treasures of gold, to be shared with the human race.

To look with eyes upon a smile, and knowing then what is meant.

requires a gift of a human kind, of knowing what message is sent.

Each person has lived upon this earth, there their time spent of worth.

no matter how great in stature or small, lived in sadness or in mirth.

They've smelled the soil after a rainfall, felt a sting of a winter's wind,

experienced the joys, life has to hold, of family they've had to defend.

Weathering trials that our world gives, Falling, then getting back up,

they've eaten food of generosity, but while drinking from a bitter cup.

Beneath those lines and the wrinkles, that lay etched upon their face,

stories of wonder and time spent here, of a richness, and time of grace.

As we admire the faces we all see, now there's an open book laying within,

we can read the pages so gently, in our honoring time, that we may spend.

A Story of all things beautiful, and of the blessings, is about what we speak.

the one greatest quest, in our search in life, of the goodness, that we all seek.


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