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A Long Time Forgotten

Updated on August 31, 2017

A Easier Time

About an hour ago I learned of the death of a friend i had grown up with. I know it sound like I am waxing nostalgic when I say it was a simpler time in the late sixties, but it was. Only four channels existed on the television and that was too many. I was a sixteen year old boy and all I cared about was cars and my girlfriend, who I am still married to. We all hung out together because we all lived next door to each other, Summertime was fantastic. After doing chores in the morning we had the rest of the day to ourselves. At night we would walk up and down the lane until after midnight. Our parents knew where we were at. Usually there were six of us walking and talking about the Beatles of some other rock and roll group. About a quarter mile away and well within sight was Frisch's Big Boy restaurant. Until one or two o'clock in the morning the cars would park around it with their radios on. Some would cruise around and around it and burn rubber as they left. We didn't worry about somebody coming down the lane and kidnapping us or exploiting us. It truly was the Age of Innocence and we didn't know it. Many movies have been made about that era one that included the Vietnam War the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and the first man on the moon. Looking back a lot happened and still as kids it didn't seem like anything unusual. We didn't fear anything. Of course we didn't have Fox or CNN or the many pundits expounding there enhanced stories at us to get better ratings. Their wasn't this big cloud of doom hovering over us. Celebrities did not have fifty people tyring to get compromising pictures of them wherever they go.The music we listened to did not have to be rated. We expose ourselves to too much information. We ate what we wanted and did not grow obese because we were always on the move or playing. We didn't lock our cars. Hell I never had a key to our house because we didn't lock the doors. It is remarkable all the advances we have made since that time. It is also remarkable all the fear we now have. I am very sad for my friend, but he had been ill for quite some time. Still it hurts, You can never go back home, because time marches on. The great preacher and orator Billy Graham once said, and I paraphrase him " You would think with all the time saving devices we have we would have more time. Instead we have less and need more." Maybe I feel sad because at my age death is more eminent. Maybe I feel sad because as close as I was to him when I was young it had been some time since I had talked to him. I would really like to think that I miss that time in my life when everything was easier and a friend was a friend. That is how I will remember him not how sick he had become but how much fun we had growing up.


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