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Before Deciding on That "Diet"

Updated on January 13, 2016

What works best for me?

First and foremost, I do not like the term "Diet". It has a slew of negative connotations attached to it. Also, just the term diet implies something temporary. If you want lasting results you have to make lasting change. If you are still trying to decide on the reasoning behind this, please feel free to read my first page here. This explains why I do not like the term diet. The focus on this page is to help us make healthier decisions and to help my readers find something that works for them! :)

We all have our weaknesses

The Beginning

First and foremost, if you read my post mentioned in the previous paragraph you will see that I strongly recommend visiting your doctor before attempting any lifestyle change. They can advise you on your unique health needs as well as help you make decisions based on your current health from a licensed medical professionals standpoint.

That being said, the following information is reflective on my personal experiences. I would love to hear from my readers on topics they would like to see covered in future hub post. :)

The first thing to really consider is there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. I suggest that my readers first look at what their triggers are for eating. What I mean by this is really sit down and ask yourself, "What causes me to eat besides hunger?" For a lot of us, it is simply habit, or even boredom. Below I will list my most common triggers in order of frequency.

1) Boredom-I found that for me personally I eat without even realizing it when I am bored

2) Stress-Stress causes me to reach for those comfort foods..All of us have them which I will go into detail in the next paragraph. For me, it is definitely chocolate, ice cream, and pretty much anything that comes wrapped in a tortilla. haha

3) Thirst-You would be surprised how confusing it can be to your body to differentiate between thirst and true hunger. I experimented with this myself by drinking a glass of water or unsweetened tea before eating whenever I was feeling the urge. You would be surprised how much less hungry you are when you are adequately hydrated!

Those are my top three triggers. I would love to hear from all of you as to what your triggers are. I can see if I can offer some advice to help you cope with those in the comments below. :) The reason I suggest identifying your triggers first before deciding on the diet plan is that it helps you really identify what your patterns are. Are you driven to eat due to stress?? Maybe you could benefit from a yoga class, or meditation, or whatever works for you to help relieve it besides comfort food. The best approach to a true lifestyle change is always a multi pronged approach from all angles!

My next article will go into detail about factors in your diet. First, do me a favor and find out what your triggers are. If you need help or advice with them please feel free to post below. Once you have those feel free to take a look at my next article. :)


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