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A Look at the New ECA Stack Program

Updated on July 9, 2010

A lot of people today look for easy ways to lose weight and build muscle mass. This makes the supplemental vitamin market a booming place to do business for companies offering products to assist in fat loss and muscle tone. One fad that is currently hot in the market is referred to as ECA.

In a basic eca stack review you will find that “stack” refers to the ingredients contained within this particular supplement. In this case the E stands for a type of ephedrine, the C for caffeine and the A is aspirin.

Needless to say, any product containing caffeine is going to speed up your resting heart rate when taken in certain dosages. The reviews may state that eca speeds up the body’s metabolism to help burn off fat, which is true to a degree, but it is actually the heart rate rather than the metabolism that is increased. It also raises your blood pressure so it is not a product recommended for people with high blood pressure. The combinations of ingredients used in the stack are reputed to burn off the body’s fat stores while leaving the muscle mass alone.

The product is also recommended to be used in conjunction with a low calorie diet for best effects. When searching for this item you will find it available in different dosage combinations you can alter and mix yourself. There are a few online websites that provide the recommended ratios to use when making your own stack to take. You create the stack effect by combining different ready made ingredients found in other products such as Chesteze and Pro-plus, with any brand of aspirin product. Aspirin can also irritate stomach ulcers, so if this is a problem for you, this is not a viable way to shed pounds.

Basically, it is difficult to confirm if a particular product or ingredient is actually increasing the fat burning power of your body. This is in large part, because every product and program will recommend the user follow a low calorie diet and increase their level of physical activity. People who claim success may simply be achieving it due to their adherence to the diet and increased activity. By the same token, those who do not have success may be because they are not following the diet and exercise as recommended. While it is certainly interesting to try new things in weight loss, it is always something to approach with a degree of caution.


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