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A Magnolia Tree Blossoms - Chapter 2

Updated on May 19, 2016

Birth Of A New baby

We had just got Christmas out of the way, and we were going to spend the New Year with grandma and grandpa. I was very excited, as it meant another Christmas tree with presents underneath; as my grandparents kept all the there waiting for us.

Throughout my childhood, he would say that Father Christmas thought that i had too many presents under my own tree; that he had to deliver them to their address, just so that he could have extra cookies and a glass of milk. It also meant another Christmas dinner and crackers, as well as games which grandpa made me laugh when we played them. Grandpa was a silly man, but he always had time to play with me; even if it meant that he was playing with my dolls; as he seemed to make me laugh no matter what. Grandma was always serious, and spent most of her time knitting. Not to say she did not play with me or enjoy me being there because she did. It was more the fact she was not as silly as grandpa, and grandma often called him a big kid, and that he should act his age. This always made mother and father laugh, as it was true, he was even sillier than my father. It was whilst I was having this New Year with my grandparents, and whilst I was sat at the dinner table, that mother made an announcement. We had just sat down to have dinner, when my father tapped his glass with his pen; and then told me to put my fork down, as i was about to start eating, as father also reminded me that before we eat we must say grace; and be thankful for what the lord has provided for us. We were not a religious family, but father always insisted that we say grace on a Sunday; and always say it whilst at our grandparents. He then made a speech for the New year, thanking them for their gifts, as well as for always being there for us. Then he ended by clearing his throat, as he said that mother had something to say. Mother then got up, and by now you could she was full of excitement.

"Come on dear, what is the surprise?" Grandpa asked, as he fidgeted just like an excited boy waiting for a bag of sweets to appear.

"We are having a new baby." Mother told us, as my grandparents were over the moon with joy, as grandpa jumped in the air and congratulated father; before going over to congratulate mother.

"Where is the new baby mommy?" I asked, as I started to look around the lounge whilst still seated at the dining table

"The new baby is in mommy's tummy." She replied, as she held her tummy and gently stroked it.

"You mean you have eaten the baby mommy?" I said, now rather shocked.

"No Amanda. The baby is growing inside mommy's tummy." She giggled

"How did it get in your tummy mommy?" I asked

"The baby angels put it there Amanda, would you like to touch mommy's tummy?" She told me

I put my hands together and clapped, telling my mother that I would like to touch our new baby. So I placed my hand over mother's tummy, and then lowered my head and then with my face now touching her tummy I said.

"Hello little baby, I am your sister Amanda."

My mother told us, that the new baby would be due to arrive by the end of June. I was so excited, that I put my arms around my mother, and told her that I loved her so much; and that I hoped she had another baby girl, so that I had a sister to play with.

During mother's pregnancy, I had since started infant school, and was introduced to the headmistress Mrs Roberts. After all the formalities had been discussed, the headmistress looked at me and told me to say goodbye to my mother. I looked at her and gave her a kiss, as I waved and told her goodbye. There I was taken to a classroom, where I was introduced to the class teacher Miss Higgins. I was introduced to the children, who in turn all welcomed me to Miss Higgins classroom; where I then sat down besides April and Susan.

"My name is April, and this is my brother Gregory; who is also my twin." April said.

"Hello April, my name is Amanda; and my mommy is having a baby very soon, so I hope it is a sister so I can look after her and play with her. Hello Gregory, hello Susan." I replied, now very excited.

Once we had all been introduced, the teacher placed some books on my desk which were just for me. I had lots of books to write in, which I could also take home or leave in my desk; which was much bigger than the desks in playschool, and this time the desk was mine, and no one else would use it. I explained to April that I was so pleased I was not in Vicky Stephens class; as she was not a nice girl at all, as i explained what she did to butterflies and spiders; as well as lifting her dress up to show the boys her knickers.

"That's so rude, my mommy would shout at me if I did anything like that." Replied April, as Greg started to giggle.

"It is not funny Gregory, it is very rude. That is something no little girl should do, because it is not ladylike mommy said." I replied, pointing my finger at him as though I had just told him off.

He just sank his head into his books, as he giggled a few times; as the teacher wrote some words on the chalkboard for us to copy. That was the beginning of what would become a very close friendship, as the days unfolded.

Over the coming months I saw mother's tummy getting bigger, and noticed how uncomfortable she got at times. I helped as much as I could, by washing the dishes once we had finished dinner; and helping out again before I went out to play in the garden with April. Finally mother went into hospital to give birth to our new baby. She told me that she had a much easier birth than mine, but it was still a stressful time for her, as she felt much more drained with this pregnancy. When the baby finally arrived, she was told she had a baby girl, and that she was a beautiful baby. She cried just the once, and once placed in mother's arms she never cried again; which was the opposite of how I was. Mother then asked me what we should call her, and I just said Rebecca. So mother decided to call her Rebecca Louise; Louise being that of her mother's middle name. Rebecca was born on Friday June 24th 1983; and I was so happy that I had a baby sister, because we could play girly games together and dress up, as well as playing with out dolls in the back garden.

** This is only a part of the chapter, just so you can get a brief feel for the story that unfolds.


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