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A New Syndrome - It's Called Morgellons

Updated on June 9, 2012


Misunderstood and Unknown

It has been identified and called a parasite problem, which technically it is. Any living thing that must have a warm living host is to be considered a parasite. This is very different though. Some of the people that have it, are saying that they have been contaminated and experimented with by either UFO's or a government plot. If it were me, I might think the same thing if I hadn't any other explaination. When I researched it here are some of the things I found out.

First of all, let me give you some of the symptoms of this syndrome. The statistics show that there are about 10,000 people in the United States that have been diagnosed with it, and about 10 million people who have it and don't know what it is or have been misdiagnosed with scabies or something else. The afflicted person gets a rash, or itchy or just irritated lesions on various parts of their bodies. If they scratch it, it might not become infected, but it will become irritated to the point of getting scabs. As it continues, eventually small dark spots of unidentified matter comes out of the spot. It is at this point that the person assumes they are mites, eggs from an insect, like scabies, or small dried scabs of their own blood. Nothing coulde be farther from the truth.

If one takes the time to investigate these small dark things, they will find if they put them under a microscope on glass smear, that at first these dark objects leak out a tiny bit of organic slime, that varies in color from a bright blue or green, to red. After that a small bit of what appears to be vibers from clothe or something like that. Just small bits of vibrious material.

Now you tell me how this is happening? How can a person have small dark dots of something that ends up being clothe vibers come out of their skin? No wonder they are thinking they have been touched by aliens or special government agents.

Let's probe further and see what we see.

Can Old Bugs Become New?

From the research of one scientist, who has been studying this syndrome for the last seven or eight years, what appears to be happening is a two part change.

First, the friendly protazoa type one celled creatures that we all have in our water and everything in the world around us, appears to be mixing or "mating" with creatures that are not their species, like the one celled substance that fleas or flying insects have in their saliva that they inject into us so that we do not feel their bite, and also with various fungis. The second part is a typical evolution that happens to our flu bugs that makes them change and become different flus each season.

Scienctists are not sure how or why this is happening, and what causes some people to get it and not others. Nor do they know or understand if it is contagious or how it is spread. They have no idea about what is causing the mixing of the different species or types of these one celled creatures that have for many many years not done so.

The whole syndrome is a mystery, and so is the way it is affecting humans. Perhaps with time it will be figured out, but until then, these people are afflicted with a very strange sickness.


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