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A New Year, a New Way, a New Lifestyle

Updated on December 31, 2014

The past

As a woman who has been basically overweight all her adult life and am getting to be a professional dieter. I have successfully lost weight in the past, the trouble is -- keeping it off.

Here is what I have done.

The first time, many many years ago - I cut calories, ate lots of fruit and veggies - lost most of the weight, but started to get lazy and put it back on. About 30 years ago I joined Weight Watchers - it was the old system and I was within 5 pounds of my goal weight. I started to put weight back on and continued to attend meetings. But the leader at that time started making me feel ashamed that I was gain. I quit and the weight came back on.

Then about 10 years ago I joined Weight Watchers again. I lost 50 pounds but they started to come back - I have kept 20 of it off, but it is a constant fight.

Then last Christmas I found The Daniel Plan at my local Bible Book Store. I love the Daniel Plan which is a sensible healthy eating plan. I joined a Daniel Plan group at that book store and lost 10 pounds and continued it at my church. I have stayed steady, but the holidays came and went and all my sensible eating with it. So it's time to get serious about the Daniel Plan and about my health.

Ready to see what happens? - I am.

Diets Don't work

Diets don't work - lifestyle changes do. I learned that at Weight Watchers. I have also learned that everyone is different. What works for one person - doesn't always work for the next person. So you have to learn, you have to read everything that is available and adapt what works for you.

At Christmas last year I read The Daniel Plan and started implementing some of the things I learned from that plan. I joined a group doing the Daniel Plan and lost 10 pounds, but gained much more knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. Since then I have gotten hooked on learning what is healthy for our bodies. I love reading Food Babe with her insights on what is really in our food.

To me, getting back to what is more natural for our bodies, what God intended for us, is the smartest approach.

My Motto - If God made it, eat it - If man made it, leave it!

Here I am - hopefully this will be a before pic

Look at those hips!  oh my
Look at those hips! oh my | Source

So what's next?

Eat wisely, move more. Notice I didn't say eat less, starving yourself or depriving yourself doesn't work. Eating wisely, adding foods that are healthy, nutritious and filling are what is going to work for me.

What have you tried?

Which Diets have you tried?

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So are you ready?

I am. Come follow me on this journey - I don't what will happen - but I will share it with you. In my next HUB I will explain the Daniel Plan more fully.

Some quick Starts from the Food Babe

Promo for The Daniel Plan

Bible Truth

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 (WEB)

Move More

Now here is my problem - I am in a Catch 22 situation - two bad knees, which the doctors have told me need to be replaced. Unfortunately I feel pain throughout my legs and don't feel it is just my knees. I went to a Chiropractor and he has helped me so much. I also wear compression sleeves on my legs when standing for long period and a knee brace below my left knee, where most of the pain in. All this helps me to keep moving a little, but unfortunately exercise as most people know it is out of the picture for me at the moment.

I started the other night with simply slowly marching in place - trying to lift my knees up as high as I can. It actually helped the next day, who knew. I am going to start with simple Yoga moves and stretching. Remember - we all don't need to run a marathon on the first day of starting a new program. Some of us have to take it a might slower. Slow and steady wins the race.


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    • Rogochuks profile image

      Dray Chukis 3 years ago from USA

      Good for you my dear, I am rooting for you.