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A Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Makes Therapy Flexible.

Updated on November 7, 2011

Is A Home Chamber A Good Idea?

Some wealthy people can afford to install a portable hyperbaric chamber in their own homes and while the fad lasts they put some time in it, on a regular basis. But is it a good use of time? Does a portable hyperbaric chamber make the user healthier, wealthier or wiser? The belief is, that the great enriching effect of extra oxygen taken into the blood makes us healthier, cleverer or even look younger and live longer.

As to the not so rich person and in truth the majority of people in the world do not have the money to install their very own portable hyperbaric chamber. Thus hyperbaric oxygen therapy can only be done in the controlled environment of medical facilities where hyperbaric chambers tend to be very much less than portable but a proven treatment for a long list of conditions. A portable hyperbaric chamber is like a one man tent that can be zipped up and sealed against the outside world. Once in it, the occupier can breath oxygen rich air at a raised atmospheric pressure. Outside of the portable hyperbaric chamber the rest of us inhale air, that is just 21% oxygen plus 78% nitrogen and 1% other gases, mostly argon.

Personal Hyperbaric Chambers


What's Inside The Box?

In the portable hyperbaric chamber the pressure is lifted gently by pumping oxygen into it like the air in a car tire. The exact atmospheric pressure inside varies from model to model. Inside the portable hyperbaric chamber the individual will not feel any great changes, but would actually have their alveolar oxygen pressure raised along with their plasma oxygen count. The claim is that the mind and body performance is improved by the richer oxygenated tissue.

In the same way that wind, and in particular the oxygen in the air, feeds fires, then the atmosphere in the portable hyperbaric chamber increases the fire in the blood, so that all bodily functions are better. Wounds heal faster, the heart gets more bang for every beat, the brain works more effectively and the user is left feeling energized and refreshed. It is a kind of natural drug high but it is legal. Many high schools call in a portable hyperbaric chamber to treat their wounded athletes.

The Great Advantages To Hyperbaric Chambers

In medical circles portable hyperbaric chambers and their multi-patient -eight maximum- fixed hyperbaric oxygen installations are helping people to recuperate from a large and diverse range of intractable conditions. It is an essential element in therapies for conditions such as carbon monoxide overdose and gas gangrene. The pure oxygen which is possible in a fixed chamber and the possibility of up to six times the pressure stimulates the natural healing processes of the body and is growing in the number of applications, such as supplementary treatment for post-surgical care. It has been shown to be particularly efficacious in cases of wounds taking too long to heal and in bone infections and even injuries resulting from radiation exposure. The time spent in the portable hyperbaric chamber or the fixed ones varies according to the individual case, as does the number of sessions.

The great advantages of a portable hyperbaric chamber is the flexibility of use. It is better to take the treatment to the patient than the other way around if for example the patient is halfway up a mountain or disabled with a leg injury.


Would You Consider Purchasing A Personal Hyperbaric Chamber If You Knew It Would Help The Healing Process?

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