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A Psychological Approach To Weight Loss?

Updated on July 23, 2010

Weight loss has become an issue that has attracted lots of attention and comments from everyone, and everywhere. A lot of overweight people have become frustrated at their inability to shed those excess pounds despite all their efforts. Some have given up on this task while others have become emotionally disturbed to the point of depression, causing a strain on their relationships, and affecting other areas of their lives.

The question is: Do you really want to lose weight? How strong is that desire of yours to lose weight? There is something about a desire that a lot of folks have not fully grasped. Desire triggers a force that makes one take action, no matter the challenges encountered, to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

So, what is this psychological approach? It is simply harnessing the power of the mind to achieve this seeming impossible task of weight loss. Napoleon Hill said: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." And this is the approach I want to recommend to all who strongly desire to lose weight. Well, this approach may sound unreasonable to some and unconventional to others,but I want you to know that it works. And the result is durable.

Your mind can be an important tool in your quest to lose weight. How? Develop a picture of your desired weight- this is an aspect a lot of people miss out; they don't have a specific weight they want to achieve. This picture can be generated using either computer graphics or manual sketching ( if you can get a visual artist to do this if you can't do it yourself). This is a picture of you in the specific weight desired ( inclusive of the body shape as well). Produce copies of this picture in different sizes and place them at strategic places where you will be seeing them always; your sitting room, bedroom, kitchen/dining area, study, restroom, car, pocket/wallet, office,and other places where you will be seeing them always. The more you see this picture in different places, the better. Why? It is a known fact that repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression. So, your mind conceives this image of yours in the desired weight which activates a process that exerts control over your body system, causing the excess pounds to give way, and a loss of craving for those things which makes you to gain weight . Gradually, your weight stabilizes to that which you desire.

It is worthy of note that this psychological approach was used by Russian athletes in the times they held sway in the world of sports, and it won them laurels, to the amazement of the international community. And every successful sport person, today, will attest to it's efficacy. Even success coaches prescribe it, having discovered its potential in one's quest to succeed in life. They call it mental rehearsal or visualization. And for those familiar with the holy bible, see this system being used with the results in the book of Genesis chapters 11:1-8,note verse 6, and 30:37-42.

Friends, don't give up on your desire to lose weight,try this approach if you have tried other ways and they didn't help. You can lose weight if you really desire to do so. For in the words of William Arthur Ward:" If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it."


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