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How to Quiet Your Mind?

Updated on June 8, 2021
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is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with her readers!

Relax in Sunshine to Feel Energized Every Day!

Getting energy from the sun is refreshing and relaxing.
Getting energy from the sun is refreshing and relaxing. | Source
You are surrounded by awesome wonder!
You are surrounded by awesome wonder! | Source

Notice If You Are Having Trouble Relaxing

Relaxation is a technique most people don't fathom since it takes a certain mindset to properly unwind. You must stop what you are engulfed in, and set a moment to examine how you feel. The best part, of the day, is when you can quietly rest in a hammock!

  • Are you tense?
  • Do you have a low-grade headache?
  • Do your eyes feel strained?
  • Is your face tight?
  • Are your fingers cracking from too much typing?
  • Are your neck or back muscles hurting?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you desperately need a mental break! You must either take a nap or set some time to relax in a peaceful surrounding that is quiet.

Drink approximately 2 to 3 glasses of water and dissolve a few crystals of Celtic Sea Salt on your tongue to first oxygenate your cells. This will get your blood pumping and purge toxins.

Next, do try the following mental exercise. It should help you a great deal! Why not try it and see?

Relaxation Exercise...

  • Take a quiet stroll through a park or beach, when no one is around.
  • Stop to admire your glorious surroundings...
  • Listen to the sounds around you.

What do you notice?

  • Take a mental note of everything and bring your mind to staying in the present moment.
  • Refuse to think about your work, your family or your friends.

This mind quieting exercise is for you only. It's designed to help you remove mind clutter, and to help you to reconnect with your core essence.

Discovering New Ways to Relax

Why not allow a wonderful ocean breeze to take your breath away?
Why not allow a wonderful ocean breeze to take your breath away? | Source

If Your Mind Starts Wandering,

Bring You Back to the Present by...

  • Looking at a bird or a squirrel, or perhaps a beautiful butterfly.
  • Take note of what they are doing! You'll notice the animals are all doing something to take care of their biochemistry. They are specifically looking for food, shelter or resting.
  • When you think, you've observed these creatures long enough, and feel a bit bored, now look up and away at the supreme blue sky.
  • You may see clouds, stars, a sunset, or the moon.
  • Notice the constantly moving clouds. Nothing seems to disrupt their serenity. Only a fast-moving plane racing through them does.
  • Notice how quiet the blue-sky looks, with trees against the background, or how cosmic it looks, where the ocean line meets it at sunset.
  • Keep looking up for a comfortable position while you recline in an easy outdoor chair or hammock. Be careful to look away from the bright sun.
  • Now pay attention to your breath.
  • Mentally slow your breathing by counting up to 4 on an inhalation, and 4 more counts on an exhalation.
  • Do this until you no longer need to count?

You Should Feel...Totally Relaxed and Now...

  • Take a mental note of the sky and weather pattern.
  • Is the sun about to set or rise?
  • Is the air about you crisp, unruffled or warm, and breezy or cold?
  • Are the trees moist with droplets of rain or are they dry?
  • Is the sky still blue or is it darker, or pinkish?
  • Can you notice a rainbow across the sky?
  • If you are on a beach are the waves soft or rough?
  • Do you notice any birds flying above?
  • Is the sand, hot and dry, or moist and cool to your touch?

Take as Much Time as You Need to Relax Completely.

This exercise to quiet your mind can last as long as you like; however, the last ten minutes of it is the most challenging. Your focus is to bring your attention to think of nothing! That is nothing at all! Perhaps, this may be frightening or hard to do at first! Except, after you have just gone through this relaxation technique a few times by admiring your surroundings and taking hold of your breath, it will become easier to focus on nothing at all. The more you practice this relaxation exercise, the simpler it'll become. I guarantee you'll be able to master the art of a quiet mind in no time!

Thinking of nothing is a most awesome feeling that has the power to rejuvenate your mind that helps you to feel more peaceful and grounded.

  • Remember a tranquil mind leads to SERENITY and PEACEFUL LIVING!
  • The most prized possession of every human being is a peaceful and quiet mind.

Breathing Exercise for Stress Reduction

Do Relaxation Exercises Work for You?

See results

© 2010 Sheila Craan


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