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A Small Boat In The Ocean

Updated on June 1, 2016

What Is A Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light as a navigational aid. Lighthouses mark everything from dangerous coastlines to safe entries into harbors. The lighthouses I am speaking of are inspired by these physical towers that dot the coast but I am referring to your guiding light, that focal point that guides you home. Imagine being on a ship, casting off from shore and your home crowds celebrating and sending you fond farewells as you take off on your journey. Full of hope and energy, as you look forward to a new port and enjoying the ride you set off towards a new world. This is the passion and energy we all start off with when we come up with that new idea, or join a new team, start our weight loss challenges. We know where we are headed and have a general idea on how to get there. What we tend to lose sight of is that success is hard work; it’s very rarely a straight path. So when we kick off that pier and head off into the great unknown we have no idea of the challenges that we are going to be up against. Even those of us who are skilled sailors and have faced challenges on a grand scale we have some ideas of what craziness we could come up against but we still can’t know what is to come.

Crazy Seas

Then we run into that massive storm, the hurricane called life. This could be anything and everything from being too tired to go to the gym, not wanting to get up in the morning, you don’t want to miss an episode of the Walking Dead, your partner quit on you, you ran out of money to finance your idea, it could literally be a million issues. What we don’t realize is we actually have the power to control the intensity of the storm. It’s how well we handle those waves and high winds, this isn’t your first rough patch of weather and if you wanted to ride it out you could. So why don’t you? When the answer to that question is anything else but “I am going to do this.” That’s where things get rough, when we choose to churn the seas. Excuses are those 100 foot waves that destroy ships and make crew disappear. They are destructive and can single handedly end your voyage before you even get started. Things will come up, high winds of roadblocks from life, sick crew and you will have to really rely on yourself and your skills to get through this, that supposedly village sized squid called fear that will wrap its massive tentacles around your ship pulling it down to the murky depths of the cold dark abyss below.

What Or Who Is Your Lighthouse

Things sound pretty scary out there, and you know what? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME IN BEING AFRAID, but don’t let it stop you. Don’t let it keep you tethered to the dock and refusing to leave your port. We all have opportunities for amazing voyages and when we start out we are focused on our end goal. When we are en route and in rough seas we tend to lose focus of that. We forget why we headed out in the first place, or where we were going. The ocean can be a terrifying place when you don’t know where you are, the vast openness of nothing as far as the eye can see. So we use tools to help us, to navigate us to our destination. We have a lighthouse, that shimmering glimpse of the end. It lets us know we are close to the end. We can’t always see the coastline, it’s dark and stormy but it’s still there. As long as you choose to continue to move forward that lighthouse will be waiting for you on the other side. Your lighthouse can be whatever it is you want so badly or what motivates you. It could be you 50 pounds lighter, or in that new position, it could be that first date with the girl you have been staring at in the coffee shop for 6 months. For me, it’s my son. I do what I do because I know he’s counting on me to make it home to him, to achieve my goals to give him a better opportunity to achieve his. He is my passion for life and my reason for pushing forward every day. What or who is your lighthouse?

What is your lighthouse

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Watch Out For Big Waves

Lighthouses can be anything or anyone who can inspire you or you can lean on to pull, push, or focus you on your end goals. If you fail to achieve your goal what will suffer? What will you not be able to do? Take that thing or person and put it in front of you as a reminder every day. Put a picture on your desk, a reminder on the bathroom mirror; set it as the wallpaper on your phone. Make it a constant reminder in your life so you know where you are going. This is your map. You can reference back to these reminders of where you are heading to. So now, release those lines from the pier, set sail and point your ship names achievement in the direction of success. When times get tough just buckle down and ride the storm out. It may last a day it may last a month it may last a year but it won’t last forever. Don’t let old sailor tales of mythical beasts scare you into not trying or allow the overpowering waves of excuses take you off course and shipwreck you on the coast of the Island of I just can’t. I want you to make a promise to yourself and to your lighthouse that no matter what happens you are going to make it. You won’t stop, you won’t give up and this voyage is going to be Legendary. Don’t quit on your lighthouse, because no matter what it will stand there waiting for you to come.


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