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A Solution For Anti-Aging - Hyaluronic acid

Updated on July 21, 2016

Cosmetic surgeries though give you the youthful look back, would it not be a better way to get youth back naturally? It's hard to take the fact as growing old gracefully, but there are many who follow this. However with science at its peak success, you have natural solutions like hyaluronic acid that perfectly preserves youth and vitality till old age.

I am 40 years old and have been using hyarulonic acid for last six months. There has been a significant improvement in the condition of my skin and joints. I have arthristis and I feel better now. It is a wonderful way to face a challenging phase called aging. Aging is inevitable, but maintaining good health inspite of growing older is a key to living a radiant life.

Hyaluronic Acid is also known as Hyaluronan; it is a complex carbohydrate that is already present in your body within the connective tissues and mainly functions as a cushion and lubricating agent coating the cells of the cartilage and surrounding the bony surfaces in joints. It is also a major component found in the skin and very efficient when used in therapies to cure skin damage and repair. After extensive tests done, this acid has proved its worth to prevent premature aging as your skin lacks the capability to protect against the UVB rays like before.

Ever since decades, hyaluronic acid injections and also in powder forms are being used to treat wrinkles, and it’s also believed that this element is the key component to aid longevity. The hyaluronic acid powder is one of the major players in anti-aging treatments; however some even take in supplement form of capsules or injections.
How is it administered?

Powdered HA supplement
Powdered HA supplement

There are two ways to take Hyaluronic Acid; one is by hyaluronic powder administration (which is by oral means) or by injections. The injections are proving to be more efficient than the oral ones. The human body is unable to absorb hyaluronic acid owing to large molecular weights; therefore many manufacturers are preparing the supplements in a way that they have low molecular weights. These are getting popular amongst users as you can reap the benefits even orally.

Devoid of side effects, you can safely use this acid in various supplements for your skin, eyes, and joints after the age of 40 years. To counter the ill effects of anti-aging this acid can be availed in the form of creams, pills, serums or liquids. However, if it’s injected in the face, there might be some temporary side effects like redness and swelling that go away within week’s time. The reactions are similar to the anti-aging injections such as Botox.

Media attention has not yet arrived at pure hyaluronic acid as it is for Botox treatments, but this is the “undiscovered wonder treatment” and well established for patients with joint troubles. Here are some benefits of this acid when used in treatment and therapies –

Skin – HA plays a significant role in the collagen production in the skin. It actually aim to retain the moisture and hydration of your skin. Hence, a wonderful component for treating skin conditions that are basically associated with the process of aging.

Joints: Doctors prescribe glucosamine supplements for the treatment of arthritic conditions and hyaluronic acid for joints prove to be the best solution for healthier joints. Hyaluronic acid happens to be the most active form of GAG’s, and it acts as a shock absorber fluid for lubrication in the joint tissues. This acid also helps in removing the waste products that are usually acidic in nature and comes with the destruction of the cartilage matrix, thereby easing joint pain.

Eyes: The vitreous fluid in the eyes has hyaluronic acid and thereby gives the fluid shape and characteristics. It was initially used in the eye surgery specifically while cataract and glaucoma surgery to hasten the healing process. Hyaluronic acid lubricates the eye tissues and thus an excellent treatment for dry eyes as well. Many ophthalmologists prescribe it to improve eyesight in general.

Gum Diseases – This acid has the vital connective tissue component helping in the regeneration of fresh, healthy gum tissues. It also reduces inflammation and prevents bleeding gums. Our gums has a lot to do with the overall wellness of the body and hyarulonic acid supplements can actually improve it's condiion.


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