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How to Quit Drinking

Updated on December 17, 2014

Quit Drinking

How to quit drinking
How to quit drinking

Quit Alcohol and Drinking

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Say No To Alcohol
Say No To Alcohol
Say No To Alcohol

Alcoholism: Who is an Alcoholic?

An Alcoholic is basically a person, be it a man or a woman, who has an uncontrollable or compulsive desire to consume alcohol beyond their capacity, regardless of common sense telling them they shouldn't be doing so..

It can be a physical compulsion to consume alcohol or even a mental obsession with consuming large quantities of alcohol regularly.

An alcoholic doesn't know when or how he or she should stop, they just cannot control how much they consume even after knowing the consequences.

While Alcoholism can be termed as a disease, a chronic disease actually, an Alcoholic is the person suffering from it.

Of late the medical world has termed alcoholism as 'alcohol dependence syndrome'.

Quit Alcohol and Drinking!

Do You Think Your An Alcoholic? Remember acceptance is the first step to quitting..

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Are You An Alcoholic?

If your answer to the following questions is yes, then you most probably are an Alcoholic and this article is written just for you..

Once you accept that yes you are an alcoholic, then and only then will you be able to move on to the course of taking some action and curing yourself. Remember it's really just all in the mind..

  • Do you drinking when your alone and without company?
  • Do you drink in secret?
  • Have stashes or hide your alcohol in unlikely places?
  • Possess a continuous crave or desire to drink?
  • Ain't able to stop or control how much you drink once you start?
  • Drinking in order to feel good?
  • Having money or relationship problems as a result of drinking?

Quit Alcohol and Drinking

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Empty Your Glass and Throw the Bottles Out
Empty Your Glass and Throw the Bottles Out
Empty Your Glass and Throw the Bottles Out

Some of the things you can do to Quit Alcohol

  • Help yourself or do it yourself: Nowadays people usually overcome their drinking problems by themselves, cause like I've said it's all in the mind, you just need the willpower to go ahead. There's a vast amount of tips online to help you help yourself quit alcohol, the best of which I'll be telling you about below.
  • Counseling: You could also go visit a qualified counselor who'll talk you through your problems and together you'll can decide on a plan of action to follow and stick to it.
  • Detoxification: This is usually where you undergo medication to help you avoid getting withdrawal symptoms, it usually lasts for about 4 to 7 days. During this period of detox you must completely abstain from any alcohol.
  • Community Programs: These are usually community programs held within the community where-in alcoholics get together along with some professionals and everyone helps each other to get over their alcoholic tendencies. It's like Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Remaining abstinent: It's important to stay away from alcohol once you've made a decision to do so and never go back again. Remember that if you don't succeed at first you gotta keep trying. Never give up..

Quit Alcohol and Drinking

Hope these tips helped you out. Remember it's your life and it's in your hands.

Have a sober and peaceful life! Stay away from the bottle and glass...

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Quit Alcohol By Yourself

How you can help yourself to quit drinking:

  1. First thing's first, if you wanna really quit drinking, you gotta commit yourself to it! Say you're gonna quit and stick to your word.
    Denial is one of the biggest problems alcoholics tend to face. Once you've accepted that you have a problem and had made a decision to quit, you gotta stick to it.
  2. The next step is to decide whether you wanna stop completely or just cut down on your drinks. Personally I'd suggest that you give it up totally cause by cutting down, there's still a chance of you going back to your old self.
  3. Step 3 depends on how much of an alcohol addict you are. If your really addicted to it, then I's suggest you cut down gradually on your drinks and mark a date on your calender for when you will stop eventually and drink no more. If you feel you can stop and give up your drinks immediately, then good for you, go ahead.
  4. Step 4 is to get rid of all temptations. Don't keep any alcohol at home at all, even when your expecting guests. There are various other alternatives you can offer them like iced teas, juices, mock-tails, etc.
    Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  5. And finally, surround yourself with your family and friends, keep yourself occupied at all times, find some new hobbies, etc.

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