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A Speck In The Ointment Of Human Kindness. (Richard Speck-mass murderer)

Updated on January 18, 2012


A Speck in The Ointment Of Human Kindness.


Richard Speck,
a flaw in the ointment of humanity,
nursed a sickness that went cancerous,
at 11:00 P.M. sharp on July 13th, 1966.

With a knife, his bare hands and great blood-lust,
he held and butchered eight student nurses.

His acne scarred face was the last view,
they would ever see, as he raped,
strangled and stabbed,
all hope from their flesh.

He bore a tattoo, that
proclaimed, "Born to raise hell!"
and so he did.

One by one, he led away
each girl, for hours,
while the others cowered,
in the grip of fear.

Only Cora (Corazon) Amurao,
escaped his notice and his rage,
wriggling under a bed and hiding.

What nightmares did she endure,
amidst the silent dust motes
and the muffled cries of agony.

All of her training to heal
went completely for naught,
as her friends bled out.

She lay helpless under
a penalty of premature death.

No chance to breath life
into strangled throats,
or stem the flow of blood,
while the sounds of his grunts of pleasure,
as he violated their womanhood,
must have poisoned her views of sex.

Did she go on to become a nurse,
after she crawled out the window,
amidst scattered corpses,
and cried "Their all dead,
....all my friends are dead."

We know that he went on to become hell spawn.
He died of heart attack in prison in 1991,

and his autopsy revealed brain abnormalities
in his hippo campus, a memory function,
and his amygdala, a component of rage
and other strong emotions,
both skewed and merged into madness.

She lived on most likely with a broken heart,
somewhere in the obscurity of victims forgotten in time,
while all that was important to her that day,
moulders and rots in eight graves.


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    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      This is the first time I thought of this heinous crime in years. I learned more in this hub about the events than I did with the news, during the time. Very informative. Good hub, saying "good hub," is such an oxymoron.