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Pranic Healing: A Stress-Relief Technique to Heal the Mind, Body and Spirit

Updated on December 3, 2015
Prana Energy
Prana Energy
Chakra Centers
Chakra Centers
Blessing the donation
Blessing the donation

Free Community Nights of Healing

The ability to consistently relax and obtain a state of peace is vital to the maintenance of physical good health and emotional well-being. In giving back to the community, The Noble Touch Ministries provide FREE Mini-Stress Relief sessions on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7 p.m.

As of September 16, 2013, the bi-weekly Community Nights of Healing are held in Spann-Washington Fellowship Hall, 760 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216. They initiated on January 7, 2013 at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza, 1360 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11216 (The New York Ave. entrance between Fulton and Herkimer Street, Room 519). The healing sessions include a brief introduction of the Pranic Healing system used to remove the stress and negative energy that builds-up in the body from daily life experiences, activities and encounters. Jeffrey Vincent Noble, founder of The Noble Touch, welcomes the participants and explains how the no-touch energy system cleans the body’s outer energy field (aura) and the energy centers (chakras) within the body. The healers use a combination of sweeping and combing hand motions, down and across the body, to cleanse the affected energy and replace it with divine energy focused to the cleansed areas.

Before the community arrives, the healers prepare for the night of healing with meditation. After the introduction, the community participants are also led through a guided meditation to center, relax and prepare their bodies to receive the healing energy. Following the meditation, the healers are assigned a participant. The session closes with an opportunity for the participants to share how they feel, ask any questions and make a donation. The community event is free of charge, but donations are welcomed and blessed at the close of each session.

Pranic Healing utilizes prana or life force energy to rebalance and heal the mind, body and spirit. Healers and recipients are mutually blessed through this rewarding highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Prayer blessing over donations
Prayer blessing over donations
Donation Bowl
Donation Bowl

My First Community Night Experience

My first experience as one of The Noble Touch Pranic Healers at the Community Night of Healing was heavenly, starting with our preparation meditation. That night, we used the guided Namascar Meditation CD by Master Del Pe that helps us experience the conscious integration of the personality, soul and Divine Self. I felt complete, purposeful and in alignment with God’s plan for my life; I felt blessed and connected to my divine self, enfolded in a peace-filled state of love and respect for God and self.

Jeff Noble felt led to give the community guests the opportunity to participate in the healing of family members as well as themselves, so he had them call out names of loved ones who were going through a hard time or needed healing. The names were written in a circle on the flip chart and after being guided through the abbreviated version of the Twin Hearts meditation, the participants were instructed to direct positive healing energy, light and love from the palms of their hands to the names on the chart.

There were 9 healers and 10 clients present, Master Healer Jeffrey took two clients and each of the healers took one. It was a beautiful sweet spirit in that space and I was grateful for the privilege to serve and fellowship within the community of healing. Everyone experienced a change for the better on every level of their being. The evening ended with a blessing prayed over the donations before placing them in the offering bowl.

For more information, email: or visit The NobleTouch website.

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins

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