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A Sunny Side of a Pandemic: Romanticizing a Virus

Updated on July 27, 2020
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I think you travel to search, and you come home to find yourself there.

-- Chimamanda Ngosi Adichie

Directed by a Virus to Look Inside

Finally, we got this unique opportunity to stop running from ourselves into socializing, forced by a virus to be reintroduced to our much neglected inner world. Painful at first, as we are face to face with what appears as a flock of inner dragons that no outer activities succeeded to slay.

It somewhat reminds me of a long ago experiment I performed on myself, by deciding to stare at one point of the wall in front of me, challenging myself how long I would endure facing all that garbage that would well up from the unknowns of my subconscious. Well, I did it for some hours, and the experience turned out to be priceless.

So, here we are now with this pandemic that translates to social isolation, paranoia, distancing, confined between some inner walls that we are staring at, in a space that feels like a void without those social roles that used to fill it with some substance called life.

No kisses, hugs, handshakes, just masks looking away from us with fear of being infected by our presence, and making all of us an anonymous crowd.

But is it all that bad?

Couldn't we view it as yet another wake up call to clean our act and start being what we were predestined to be? The first big warning we got with that Great Flood. Then came that Plague, not enough to kick us out of religious dogma of the Dark Age. And even two world wars could not wake us up from our arrogance, greed for power and possessions, and refusal to act like one harmonious human community.

On a very subtle level of vibrations, we are out of the resonance with Mother Earth which keeps its alpha, Shumann's frequency -- the same alpha which in brain translates to feeling good.

All this political and social turmoil at home and elsewhere in the world must be affecting the climate, telling us that Mother Earth is not happy with its human children.

But why a virus as a messenger?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

These so-called bleak times are necessary to go through to get to a much, much better place.

-- David Lynch

Pandemic, a Wake Up Call

Slowly and reluctantly adjusting to this lack of social stimulation, we are still stubbornly insisting on our old ways, just hoping for some magic vaccine to bring us back to our social routine.

But, maybe this experience will, after all, turn out to be a blessing of a kind. Maybe it's providing a mirror to us, reflecting our agony of loneliness, while we need so badly to get from others what we have failed to give ourselves -- love, respect, peace of mind that would shine outwards and become a part of our collective awareness.

But, why a virus as a messenger?

Remember, virus is said to be a "submicroscopic agent carrying information". Some very educated heads are theorizing that it could have been a virus with its information that affected the information in DNA of our non-human ancestors to mutate them into homo sapiens.

Thus, being carriers of information, viruses have this potential to mess with our DNA, making us either better or making us sick. This Covid-19 doesn't seem to be friendly at all, but we have to start looking at viruses from the perspective of that unseen quantum reality, not as merely some "bug calling for a vaccine".

On that level, everything is just a soup of cosmic energies and subatomic particles, including our bodies. And the whole universe is loaded with intelligence, or consciousness, which orchestrates every event, from the microcosmic to macrocosmic ones, from a birth of a supernova to digestion of an ant.

Indeed, on a certain level, all this is but a virtual simulation with infinite possibilities in energy waves collapsed into manifested orderliness of material world, part of which we are.

Getting back to viruses, they must be agents on the border of quantum and material realm -- just like our DNA is. Observed under an electron microscope, a virus doesn't look like much. But then, neither does our DNA, chemically just a bunch of proteins.

In my intuitive speculating, that's why viruses don't respond to antibiotics -- because their nature goes deeper than the one of bacteria with their unique frequencies.

And just like we have those friendly bacteria in our bodies without which we wouldn't be able to digest our food and would die -- so viruses have their "mission" from time to time -- or at every flu season -- to give us a warning.

What is that warning?

Image by Andre Santana from Pixabay
Image by Andre Santana from Pixabay

Liberty means responsibility. That's why most people dread it.

-- George Bernard Shaw

Global Change Starts With Individual Awareness

It has been proven by medical science that our immune system can ward off any virus when it's functioning normally. On that level of information, immune system is only a specialized branch of our nervous system, so in its full functioning its frequencies are not compatible with frequencies sustaining a virus -- either preventing it to enter, or killing it after entering.

Stress has been proven to weaken our immune system, because its frequencies are interfering with frequencies of immune system. So, since everything in this universe is serving some purpose, viruses are here to let us know that our individual, social, and international frequencies of coexistence are out of whack.

Everything starts with us as individual units of the humankind. There is no politics, no laws, no religion, or other aspect of our paradigm that can do what we should be doing as individuals.

This pandemic is forcing us to turn our attention inwards in a lack of a social stimulation, while we are wrongly expecting our politicians to make us happy, prosperous, and at peace.

Then we also expect the same from our friends, our spouses and kids, even our bosses, to contribute to that happiness. It's like we are waiting for everyone else to smarten up first -- then we will just follow. So used to imitating, to adopt programs and beliefs of others -- being mental copycats, too mentally lazy to think for ourselves.

Glued to our crazy box, we are sponging all alarming news about new numbers of infected and dead from this virus -- ruining our immune system, and so inviting the virus.

People don't get the message that the virus is giving them as the carrier of information. We are told to wash our hands, to keep social distancing, to wear masks -- instead of boosting our immune system which would prevent the infection in the first place. We are busy blaming China, blaming the President, blaming the Democrats, blaming the World Health Organization, anything or anybody -- instead of seeing all this as a blessing in disguise.

For, every adversity carries a seed of an opportunity. This should be our time to reflect, to look inside and see how little has left of our individual consciousness which we sold out to the collective mind -- as if unable to figure anything out for ourselves.

Image by david Mark from Pixabay
Image by david Mark from Pixabay

There is no absolute truth. There is only your truth.

-- Debasish Mridha

Who Are We Really?

We are ready to call anyone a dreamer who would tell us how we were predestined to be like avatars pulsating in harmony with this beautiful planet of ours, a true Miss Universe in our solar system.

We are light beings, sizable down to photons in their majestic symphony of manifesting our bodies. It's been said that our soul is not in our body, but our body is in our soul that is constantly trying to maintain that spark of life in every cell. We are a personalized extension of the universal consciousness -- but with its broadcast lost in translation through the filters of our animalistic obsession with survival.

So, when we ask ourselves "who we are" -- if the answer comes easy, it's not true. There is something unfathomably divine in our quantum design, and it's only our arrogant intellect that needs a "concept" about our true nature -- whereas our soul simply lives its truth in action called expression of life, with no need to label itself one way or another.

So, let us not ask ourselves what is "happening to us" with this, or any other wake up calls -- it's our truth shaking off the dust of socially created illusions from its shiny Self.

And yet, all those deeply in the nightmare of a pandemic are bound to keep flexing their mind's muscle into a spasm of fear -- while survival, not transformation, has fromever been their only reason to take their next breath.

Could we see an opportunity in this pandemic to unplug ourselves from the social broadcast -- just like this virus is symbolically suggesting that we do with this isolating? Could we work on our peace, our inner harmony, because we can only give of ourselves what we already have, and with that inner shift we'll be able to spread around a "virus of love" -- hoping that it may turn some day into another kind of a "pandemic".

© 2020 Val Karas


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Val Karas 

      2 months ago from Canada

      Vanita -- Virus of love has been around from ever -- just never made it to a status of a pandemic. But, let's keep our fingers crossed, we may be getting closer to it.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Val Karas 

      2 months ago from Canada

      Linda -- Thank you for kind words, and it's a relief to know that there are people with some constructive responses to this apparent global trouble. Fear doesn't help, makes things worse. Have yourself a great day, my friend.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Val Karas 

      2 months ago from Canada

      John -- it's not easy to be an optimist about that one, but let's keep wishing.

    • Vanita Thakkar profile image

      Vanita Thakkar 

      2 months ago

      Good one.

      The virus indeed has brought great messages for us to reflect upon - our thoughts, our ways of living and enjoying, our sense of purpose, our tendencies to own and escape .... I heartily and sincerely wish your hope of the "virus of love" pandemic comes true.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      2 months ago from Minnesota

      I really like and agree with your view on this virus and what it means. I have seen so many opportunities for growth with this pandemic. It's scary it's here but it's here, so let's slow down & reacquaint ourselves with who we really are without all the distraction. I really loved your term, 'the crazy box'. Hope you are healthy & enjoying this time of reflection which will hopefully become the norm. Great article my friend.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 months ago from Queensland Australia

      I do hope the aftermath of this is in fact a virus of love, Val. The COVID-19 virus has brought a lot of lessons with it. I just hope we learn from them and incorporate them into our normal lives moving forward. An interesting article.


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