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A Surprising Way To Ease Coccyx Pain...

Updated on January 28, 2013

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If you've recently suffered a trauma on your coccyx or perhaps you’re thinking about looking for medical care regarding coccyx discomfort but have an unknown trigger, you might not get the treatment it is advisable to truly recuperate.

The actual surprising facts are, the majority of physicians aren’t educated or even knowledgeable enough in order to properly handle coccyx pain

Should you go to your normal medical doctor or perhaps doctor regarding coccyx discomfort, you’re more likely to get one of about three encounters, or even a mixture of any of these therapy “approaches”:

  • You’ll be advised medicines to ease the pain sensation.
    Regrettably, drug treatments don’t often perform to ease coccyx pain. Additionally, numerous pain remedies and muscle tissue relaxers possess negative effects and also include the chance of dependence.

    In the event that you’re counting on medicines to deal with discomfort which happens to be persistent as is often necessity with coccydynia, you might increase your ability to tolerate the particular drugs as time passes.
  • You’ll “learn to live" with the discomfort.
    This method is actually challenging for the reason that it presumes your coccyx discomfort is not curable and will continually be present. The truth is, using the correct therapy, the majority of coccyx pain is often eradicated for good.
  • You’ll possibly be asked to get surgical treatment to eliminate your coccyx. Surgical treatment entails dangers you might not wish to take. There are many situations in which coccyx removal, discomfort carries on. Ultimately, the ideal therapy for your discomfort is quite likely to make surgery unneeded.

It really is surprising to know your physician might be bad set up to assist you cope with coccyx discomfort successfully. However by knowing the following simple fact, it is possible to prevent throwing away money and time on remedies that won't work.

You may also escape a number of days, weeks and even month or many years of coping with discomfort should you seek out good care to begin with.

Just how are you able to make certain you get the correct therapy with regard to coccyx pain from the beginning? Start by requesting your physician if they offers knowledge efficiently dealing with coccyx pain. Notice whether exactly what your physician talks about seems like successful therapy or one of the earlier mentioned 3 methods.

Remember that to be able to figure out what’s leading to the pain, tests will likely be required. This consists of a comprehensive physical examination to your coccyx in addition to X-rays or even an MRI or Cat scan.

Decide upon your self if you're feeling your physician offers the knowledge required to assess the tail-bone discomfort as well as identify the issue properly. See whether or not your physician appears compassionate regarding your own conditions or even dismissive concerning the quantity or even harshness of the pain sensation you identify.

Is the physician reluctant to get the checks required for a precise medical diagnosis? Is she or he acquainted with alternate treatment options to medicines or medical procedures?

For those who have any kind of concerns in any way concerning your own doctor’s knowledge or even strategy, search for another viewpoint from your tail-bone professional.

Using a professional is the greatest method to make certain you get the precise prognosis as well as efficient plan of action.

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    • profile image

      Anita 2 years ago

      Slipped from stairs and sat heavily on step. Had severe pain since tailbone was affected...was diagnosed by a reliable, well experienced and knowledgeable Ortho. He advised nothing but complete rest for 2 weeks...which gave much healing..later prescribed mild, muscle strengthening exercises ..choose the right is absolutely a temporary problem...happy sitting!!!

    • Hardrive profile image

      Hardrive 3 years ago

      When I asked my GP for dynamic x-rays to check if the coccyx dislocates when I sit, he immediately started accusing me of being on drugs, then stated I was chasing my shadow; What a creepy doctor; He needs to be put 6 feet under, so he canèt harm another injured worker.

    • profile image

      sonu 3 years ago

      i slept badly at the time of ice skating.... pls suggest what to be done

    • profile image

      brue 4 years ago

      i suffered severe slip / fall; landed on butt; knocked unconscious; went to emergency specific complaints; fractured jaw - midback / tailbone pain;

      28 doctors 2 yrs later, diagnosed with chronic t9 vertebra fracture;

      5 years, 5 ortho surgeons-3 neurosurgeons later, diagnosed coccydynia by general practioner, why so long? because it happened at work on the job and workers comp got involved and sent me to their paid contract ripoff doctors who couldn't be bothered to diagnosis my specific complaint, tailbone pain; Canada-home of medical legal insurance fraud, racketeering;

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Definitely coming back to this. Thanks!