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A Tall life

Updated on January 11, 2015

We the human species have always been conscious about our bodies. No matter what the age or gender is it has always been the same. One of the worries we have is height. According to records the average height for male is 175.6 cm (5.7 feet) and for the female it is 164.4 cm (5.4feet) yet some people complaint about their height .if we follow the statics then the country in which people are expected to be more taller than of other country is Netherlands and for the shortest people its Indonesia, Bolivia, Cambodia and the Philippines as the average height in these four countries is about 4.8 feet. So as being 6.3 myself I am going to tell some positive and some negative points of being tall.

Tallest people

Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 22, 1918 – July 15, 1940) has been recorded as the tallest human being ever measuring 8.11 feet. Whereas the tallest woman was Zeng Jinlian (1964–1982) standing tall at 8.1 feet. Right now in the 2015 the tallest man and woman are Sultan Kosen (8.3 feet) and Siddiqa Parveen(7.11 feet).


1) One can easily reach to the top shelves.

2) Better view in concerts.

3) Easily located.

4) Helps in sports.

5) When surveyed 94% women in the UK preferred men taller than average.

6) according to this study tall people earn more.

7) Tall legs help in running, ex-Usain Bolt.

8) One can easily intimidate people.

9) Body structure looks good even if overweight.

10) If in a fight, it helps a lot.

11) 11 February is celebrated as “HUG A TALL PERSON DAY” .


1) Back problems.

2) Pain in legs.

3) Difficult to fit in airplane, theatres or cars.

4) Difficult to find shoes.

5) Sometimes shirts that fit or we like are short.

6) Difficult to kiss if partner is short.

7) Terrible at hiding.

8) Bang head in doors or branches.

9) Get cut out of pictures.

10) Easily noticeable so if something embarrassing happens then it’s a breaking news.

11) Dance isn’t really our cup of tea.


Another advantage of being tall is that one has more chances to be a model then short or average people. Most of the celebrities we see in movies or TV serials are at least taller than 5.11. even female celebrities are mostly taller than 5.7. Some of them are-

1) Jared Padlecki (Supernatural) is 6.4 feet tall.

2) Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives) is 6 feet tall.

3) Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) is 6.4 feet tall.

4) Maria Sharapova (Tennis Star) is 6.2 feet tall.

5) Christopher Reeve (Superman) is 6.4 feet tall.

6) Saffron Burrow (The Bank Job) is 6 feet tall.

7) James Cromwell (The Green Mile)is 6.7 feet tall.

8) Famke Janssen(X-Men) is 6 feet tall.

9) John Lithgow (Intersteller) is 6.4 feet tall.

10) Uma Therman (Pulp Fiction) is 6 feet tall.

The list is endless


If you go through greek and pagan gods, all of them including women have been shown tall. Not just gods the evil ones were also tall like

1) Agrius

2) Brontes

3) Cacus

4) Talos

5) Polyphemus

6) Otus

7) Gynes

All of the names mentioned above were mythological Giants or tall. In Hinduism tall people were called Daityas, Jotun in Norse mythology and ispoline in Bulgarian mythology. In mythology majority of the time tall humans were seen as a reflection of devil.


Many tall people face health related problems early on in their life but there are some diseases which tall people have more chance to have. These are –

1) Cancer - A new study suggests taller women have heightened risk for ovarian cancer, a disease that kills nearly 15,000 American women each year, according to the U.S. Centres’ for Disease Control and Prevention.

2) Diabetes - Taller children generally seem to experience increased risk for development of diabetes mellitus, except perhaps during infancy or early adolescence

But there is also an other side

1) Heart Diseases - Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., killing 616,000 people per year, according to the CDC. And unlike cancer, it seems to affect shorter people more than their taller counterparts.

2) Stroke - Like heart disease, serious strokes are also more common among shorter people.

3) Alzheimer’s- Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia in older people, affecting 5.4 million Americans, according to the Alzheimer's Association. The risk increases with age and a family history of Alzheimer's, highlight the disease's genetic roots. And according to a 2007 study, the risk is also higher for shorter people.


Does tall rules ?

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