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A Teen's Journey Through Her Second Trimester

Updated on August 1, 2012

My boyfriend started working at Blockbuster and had to work all the time it seemed like. But at least we were together that is all that truly mattered to me. Well him and finishing school. I wanted to prove to everyone that I could still get my diploma and nothing was going to come in my way.

I was enrolled into school and enjoying my summer. A few doctor appointments here and there, a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. Other than that I was a regular teenager. Except I was in a committed relationship, I was growing a child inside of me, and I was always hungry. Always.

My summer consisted of me sleeping, eating, babysitting, and hanging out with my sister and boyfriend (it usually depended on who was working that day). I was always talking about the next appointment coming up. It was always so exciting! Listening to the baby's heartbeat. That little noise was coming from inside of me. I was growing another life.

The appointment that got everyone excited was the ultrasound appointment. Everyone wanted to be there. Even though the baby was going to be to little to see the gender. I didn't care. This is the moment I had been waiting for. To see my baby for the very first time.

The day finally came and I was 13 ½ weeks pregnant, and my sister and boyfriend had to work. It was disappointing. I really wanted them, or at least one of them there with me. After all, they were the ones by my side. Fortunately, my mom had nothing scheduled and she was able to take me.

Seeing her eyes light up when she seen the baby on the monitor was priceless and I knew at that moment everything would be okay between us. I never told my mom but she is and will always be the best mom. She gave me everything and her opinion always did matter. Even though I didn't always listen to what she would say.

At this point my boyfriend's mom still did not know what was going on. She had no idea why he left his job to be with me. I had only met her a few times when she was in Florida at the same time as my boyfriend. I did talk to her over the computer once in awhile but I didn't want to be the one to tell her; especially over the computer.

It is now August 1st and it is time to start preparing for school. Picking out shoes was the highlight of my day. I had to get the biggest shirt they had in the young men's clothes at JCPenny because they didn't have green polo’s in the junior, woman's, or maternity section of the store. Trying on pants isn't all that fun either at 20 weeks. I would much rather wear the sweats that I have been wearing all summer. At least I could get them up easily.

A few weeks later school started and I was on a school bus with car seats, screaming kids, moms, and mothers to be. All on our way to the same place. School. I was nervous and felt like I was going to throw up most of the time. But I got through it taking it day by day.

The classes I was in wasn't just for pregnant girls and mothers it was also for regular teenaged girls and boys. The way some of them looked at us made me uncomfortable. We made mistakes but at least we were giving it our all to finish school. That is were most of our success is going to begin, right?

There was one old friend there. He made sure to sit next to me. Even in middle school he would always protect me. My one friend at that school. Who would have known. I was thankful he was there to lean on. He would tell me his problems I would tell him mine and we always made each other feel better.

Life with my sister was starting to get difficult. We were still the best of friends. However our boyfriends, not so much. Her boyfriend was a know-it all always trying to start up arguments. My boyfriend was growing unhappy and all I wanted to do was finish my senior year. I could see he was unhappy. I was unhappy too. We began to fight and sleep in separate beds. I would leave every chance I could if he was there.

It was stressful and neither of us had anyone to really talk to. I had my sister but didn't tell her every little thing on my mind. My world was caving in and I was starting to grow scared that my boyfriend may leave. I may not have the family that I wanted after all. He always stood by no matter what I called him or how loud I yelled. He never left, he said a few things that he later regretted but so did I. I couldn't blame my hormones I knew what I was saying.

No one ever knew what was on my mind and as much as I wanted my baby I honestly wondered if someone could love my baby more than I already did. I did not think it was possible. Which is why I kept this secret to myself. My goal for now was to have a healthy baby and finish school. I would face the rest as it came.

For now lets finish senior year.

**A hub on my 3rd and final trimester will be up tomorrow. Remember this is a story of my past :)


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    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Nice hub.....enjoyed reading it.

      Hope you are really enjoying your ride from the past to the present and you will rejoice more as well in all the days to come.

      up voting and all