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A Tribute To Dianne

Updated on May 18, 2012

How I Remember Her

My sweet, younger sister passed away two years ago on June 22nd from Cancer. Her life was an example of compassion and service to others. She truly was a humble servant of Christ---never proud or self righteous in any way. She was always willing to help others that needed her help and she dearly loved her family and was a doting grandmother to all her grandchildren. Her last few days on earth were spent making sure each of her children and grandchildren had a special handmade gift, made by her, for their future Christmas together ( knowing that she would probably not be there to share it with them). Dianne had great faith, and she believed that she would one day be with her family again in the next life. She felt that this life was but a brief moment in the eternities.

We All Face Trials in This Life.

Life's trials and hardships can either make us stronger or fill us with self-pity and despair. Two of my roommate's friends in high school were in a terrible car accident on their prom night. He was the star of the football team and she was a popular cheerleader. Both had severe injuries that caused the loss of their legs and confined them to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. The young man grew bitter and had a miserable life. The young girl, however, spent her life working with handicapped children, encouraging them to not give up on their dreams, and she made a difference in the lives of many children. Dianne was like the latter, even in the hospital she was trying to cheer others up with her great attitude towards life. She chose to grow stronger, in spirit, inspite of her growing physical weakness and pain. She fought her battle with cancer bravely, and when she knew the battle was lost she courageously trusted in a loving Heavenly Father to take her home. I painted her as I remembered her, on her beautiful beach in Oregon, hand-in-hand with her little granddaughter.


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    • signgirl profile image

      Carol Hill 5 years ago from Palmetto, Florida and Herriman Utah

      Thank you.

    • LaMamaLoli profile image

      LaMamaLoli 5 years ago from London

      What a beautiful beautiful tribute to your sister. Thank you for sharing. I will say a prayer for her.