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A Tribute to the Novio

Updated on June 8, 2013

It is a long road in life, not all will lead to the ending we want

Uphill journeys with an end
Uphill journeys with an end | Source

Love has many faces

He loved this woman and she loved him. But they were star crossed. A volcano blew smoke and ash within their view, a French colonial town, and the sounds of the Gypsy kings played in venues of their passion and they swayed slowly, not to breeze and outside forces but to a love that was above man but not to last.

They knew this was not to last. Yet they fell fully into the moment and loved with such passion that generals and mayors and governors bowed when they entered an occasion, that hearts would bend and messages be sent to places of the soul.

Can you even imagine a Presidente's doors being open because a love was seen that was so true.

This I tell happened. I will only call her Nita. Her father was a true native Mexican and her mother a red headed German Mexican, and she was fair of skin with a full wonderful head of thick blonde hair and green eyes.

When they were in public, he was a manager for a manufacturer of a mundane and obscure product. He was her guest. Yet the heads of power and commerce would wink and meet him for the first time.

The woman was the daughter of retired Supreme Court Justice

The man was a man that traded where others would not, in physical commodities between strange allies.

The man was a go between, between governments that could not be seen talking with each other. Perhaps communists on one side and Israel or Germany on the other. Perhaps the US and China or Syria and Turkey. So the man was persona non-grada wherever he went. Plausible deniability was what he was. So his meetings were clandestine. His associations never made public. The best that he could ever hope for was to get "things" where they needed to be to prevent famine or wars, and to get out alive.

The man was a necessary evil, a hired gun that anyone would deny knowing and no one would befriend. It was a life he had chosen to punish himself for losing his wife's love and his children.

She was youngest of 8 and had always lived in the direction and protection of her father and mother. She was a school teacher and a volunteer for charity. She was happy and free and had her life ahead of her in security and love. There were no risks to be taken for her.

They played throughout the city and we followed them,

The man was to make trade deals with Euro, Israel and Taiwan.

This came to be, but at the cost of the allies, including the Girls father. It was a looser deal. Making deals with strategic partners means that some partners are no longer strategic. A deal signed on paper can last for the term of what the paper said. A deal of the heart can terminate whenever the heart tells it to.

So on that last night they met in secret atop a pyramid built by Aztecs and transformed to a Basilica by the Spaniard Priests. The sky and light was a mellow orange brought on by the volcano. And here they said good bye.

She was Catholic to the core and could not marry a divorced man.

The peace and the tempest
The peace and the tempest | Source

And so he left her there and left the country

He never looked back until he told me this story.
He never looked back until he told me this story. | Source

He swore he never regretted a moment.

But there was a distant look in his eyes. Not of hardship but of dissapointment in his fellow man that they were so unforgiving and hateful, that mere transaction to bring them food would be rioted against if they only knew who supplied it.

He then told me he had failed to get a contract done to provide fertilizer to a very poor country. He was led to understand 10K souls had been lost that Spring to starvation and riots. Just because the country with stockpiles could not do business with the other country because an ally was mad at them.

He seemed to blame himself for not bring peace. And so I left him behind and began a new life.


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