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A Typical Night In Blackpool

Updated on September 29, 2011

The Plan...

Johnny and I had always been friends, he was about to leave to join the Army, it put a slight strain on our friendship as we were training very hard and i guess his head was in other places.

Before i start to write about this Night, I must say that my Friend Johnny is the most down to Earth, caring, person I have ever met in my life. He has helped countless people with anything that needs doing without hesitation. He has the worst luck immaginable sometimes, whether its with girls or breaking a few bones in his foot just after he starts to get comfortable and believe in himself in the Army (Happens Later) it all happens to him.

With Johnny growing up in a household with 3 Sisters and a Dad that didnt really talk about 'Manly things' it was always my job to explain. In the 10 years iv known him Iv never seen him be Aggressive towards anyone, yes he used to boast about how 'Hard' he was but when push came to shove he was the first one to back down. His Mom has to have a say about everything we do. If i go over to his house and ask him to join me in town he would instantly be given a time limit as if there was a trust issue. Im not saying mums cant worry, but this guys in the Army.

Its July 1st Thursday, Student Night as they call it in Blackpool. Cheap Drinks WOO!

I go over to Johnny's house, which is located directly across the road from mine. Its one of those clear Evenings, Its about to go dark, theres no wind, all you can here is the neighbours Television through the open window in his garden. "Hey Johnny, fancy going out Tonight for a drink and some pool, perhaps you can tell me when your leaving for the Army"

He turns and walks inside the house, doesent really say anthing to me, so i acknowledge his Mum must be close.... I was right. "Hi Scott, where are you Boys going then?". For somereason i had to do all the talking while Johnny watched the situation unfold in silence. I looked around the room for a minute noticing Johnny's Dad watching telly the room beside me. He never really said anything much, He was well trained. "Hi Lorraine, were just gonna go have a few drinks and a game of pool down the road, should be back at around 11.00pm I have work in the morning". This always worked, not only did I mention the nearest pub to our house, but i also mentioned i had work early the next day. Her face clicked and squeeked untill confirmation took over. "Johnny go get ready, Ill wait for you down here".

His Mum sat down in the front room on the other side of the room from Johnny's Dad. Meanwhile i stroked the Cat I found sitting by the door. I could feel the tension as i looked down at the cat, I wanted Johnny to move his arse..."Scott, come here a minute". Oh great, whats she gonna throw at me now. "You know Johnny's leaving for the Army soon, please, please look after him, if you have any trouble at all call me ok" Well by this point i knew she just wanted reasurrance, I didnt have to make up some believeable story as I would never let anything happen to any of us. "You dont need to worry Lorraine, you know me and Johhny have never got into trouble before" she looked at me "Its not you i dont trust, its the other silly buggers" How right she was.

Johnny closes the door behind me and walks by my side up the street towards town. The wind has picked up slightly and the sky had darkened. He have never lived in a great area, we have a few council Hostels on each side of our street depending on which route you walk and the odd diversion, there was never really any trouble at all. "I cant wait to have a drink mate, Iv been waiting all day" It was about 9.00pm we entered a bar in town.

Its a bar we use regularly, not only because it has some cool blue lights outside but you could take control of the Jukebox... and that music went LOUD! Try and imagine a basement or cellar in a pub, take away all the cobwebs and pipes WAIT put the cobwebs back. Thats exactly what the inside of this bar looks like. It has a Pool table which is always over populated. So we arent really ever prepared to wait. All we wanted was the little red box hanging from the wall but sometimes people jam there coins in there and play a huge playlist ranging from artists wanting to chew there friends eyes out to Oasis. Pretty cool huh!

After we had enough in there our night ventured to a place across town, now this place is DARK. We always loved the rock scene so places like this appealed to us, its a building that has been standing for years, even my parents told me stories about this place. The "Tache" they call it. As soon as you see the place you know it could fall down any second. The beauty of this place was the people, everyone's very friendly and the music is amazing.

As we approached the Tache we realised it was very quiet outside, normally it would be packed but not tonight... It was only 11.00pm. Duh!

As we got closer, the tall buiding shadowed us, we entered 2 small doors and got quizzed on our ID at the front desk. Eventually when they believed we were old enough we turned left to another door, as we opened, the noise from the room defened us. I believe we walked in to Blink 182 - Whats my age again. I think i counted 8 people upon entering the place, one guy with dreadlocks dancing like a mad man on the stage alone. Another guy wearing shorts moshing whilst jumping at the same time and another guy well wearing almost nothing. This place was insane. There were portrait painting's on the cealing of legendary rock n roll singers and 2 bars at either side of the room. The main focus point in the room was the DJ booth sat center of the room above the dance floor. Whenever you wanted to request a track you basically had to plead with the DJ untill she agreed to play your song in the next 50.. RESULT!

After a few crazy songs and drinks later we looked at each other and decided to call it a night. "Scott, I'm starving fancy coming to get something to eat?" Ahh that old chestnut, "Yeah alright where do you wanna go" We ended up sprinting across town to KFC for a bite to eat.

The Walk Home

KFC was about 10 minutes from our house, I didnt end up buying anything as i wasent hungry at all. Johnny came out of KFC with a plastic bag, I stood up and walked beside him. "Ahh these fries smell so goos, Scott hold this coke for me while i eat" As we walked along the street he held one handle of the plastic bag while using his other hand to grab fries. We walked along a main road that led directly to the face of our street. It was nearly midnight there was no traffic on the road and all i can remember was how cold it was.

As we carried on walking down the straight main road, there was a sharp left turn coming up, by this time Johnny was still chewing his chips while talking about how he wont miss Blackpool at all when he's gone. "Mate dont worry Blackpool wont miss you either, haha" then the conversation turned to Golf which we always said we would play but never got round to it. As Johnny reached for another chip we heard noises approaching on the bend, to the street that veered of to the left. Oblivious to the noise we carried on our meaningful conversation. I remember seeing three Lads turn onto the road we were walking on and go directly to the edge of the pavement asif they were crossing the road, they reached the edge of the pavement but decided not to cross but to walk directly towards us. I never really sensed any danger i just thought it was odd that they didnt cross as there were no cars at all on the road.

"Johnny, how many bloody chips did you get, your still eating them, give me some" As i said this line I heard footsteps coming towards us, I looked up to see a Guy in a black shirt running at Johnny before i could even blink this Guy had threw his fist out and caught johnny on his right cheekbone. the thud sound it made as his fist collided with my friends face was sickening. I had never seen Johnny in a situation like this, I couldent control the fact that he was hurt. Johhny stumbled his head flew back and his KFC bag dropped to the floor, to my amazement he remained on his feet. our attacker moved to the right of Johnny walking past him but keeping his eyes firmly on him. I knew the Guy expected to have put Johnny on the floor and now his plan didnt work he was backing off.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, THATS ENOUGH".... This was my instant response to the attack, I didnt take a second to see where the attacker had gone after he hit Johnny. I stood on Johnnys KFC while grabbing his shirt and swinging him round to a small garden wall to my right. "Are you ok mate, are you hurt, JOHNNY" he looked so confused but didnt once look at me, he was looking over my right shoulder at where the other 2 lads would have been. "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Im fine, Ignore me, Ignore me" I turned to my left to see where the attacker had gone, as i turned the inevitable happens...Darkness.

My head starts to bang, i can only hear out of one ear and my eyes arnt opening without forcing them to. I try to open my eyes im strugging to make sense of whats happening, everything's blurry. Turning my head and body to gather more information on whats going on i feel a warm liquid move across my face, I put my left hand on the floor along with my right and stare ar the floor...It doesent take long for the ground to turn red. How long was I on the floor for, wheres Johnny, his mums gonna kill me, Getting to my knees I look down at the top im wearing again its soaked in blood. I put my hands on my face, feeling my nose... It was out of place.

Looking around, I was behind a wall in someones garden the small wall i had pulled Johhny to was on my left. I got to my feet, stumbled onto the pavement making a cup impression with my hands to catch blood dripping from my face. I looked around again and noticed a car coming towards me on the main road, I threw the blood puddle to the floor and made hand gestures signalling the car for help.... He just drove past.

Noises sounded up the street that veered of to the left, a young lad about 17 wearing a red huddie top runs out of the street and straight into the middle of the main road, looking right down the road he notices me walking in his direction on the pavement. "Are you ok mate" I couldent believe he asked me that. This was one of the 3 Guys that had attacked us. I looked at him, I still couldent understand what had happened, was this guy taking the piss. He had this look in his eye, he looked shaken up but still I wasent willing to talk...not to him. Walking straight past the Guy i reached the turn off where these guys came from originally. I heard footsteps again, like people were running as i put my head up, still cupping my blood, my attacker ran past me, his face full of determination. I got a good look at him, short around 5.8, stocky with a black shirt and jeans, tanned with rough looking jet black facial hair, along with short jet black hair, he was the leader about 26. He didnt even look at me he was focused and getting away. More footsteps followed another Guy running even faster than the first, a white fastened coat with gray jogging bottoms, short hair around 20. He did look at me, the look he gave me was a victorious one, he was proud of what had been accomplished, a slight smirk came across his face.

Where was Johnny, what had they done with him, as they passed me they vanished up another side street. Looking up the street they had come down, there was nothing, no noise, no movement, nothing. Now i was frightened at the thought of Johnny, did they beat him and ditch him somewhere, I had to find out! I started to run, I knew there was a Pub close by so i sprinted to it.

"I need your help, 3 Guys just attacked me and my friend and now iv lost him please come back with me and find him, please". The bouncer looked at me and pulled a face, asif what he saw wasent human. "Wait here Lad, Ill go inside and get you some towels to clean yourself up with" I didnt think about my face, 2 guys stood beside the Bouncer, came up to me and quizzed me about what had happened, I told them everything. When the Bouncer returned he cleaned me up and the 3 of us went looking for Johnny.

We turned onto the street where the Guys had come from, still nothing... "Johnny" still no sign "JOHHNY" the Men from the Pub walked alongside me. As i reached the turn off to the main road I heard something behind me "Scott" It was johnny, my heart sank, he was ok, thank god!

What Happened?

So what did actually happen when i was on the floor, Ill tell you what I know.

So I was asking Johnny if he was hurt and if he was ok and as i turned everything went dark. Thats when our attacker took another run up and caught me at the end of my nose, I flew over this garden wall where i counted stars. By this point Johnny, jumped over the wall and ran through the garden i was led in,ran around the corner and jumped over the wall leaving me on the floor. He ran up the street, the Guys luckily left me on the floor and chased Johnny up the street. He didnt make it far before the older Guy caught up, Johnny turned around to defend himself but the Guy was to quick, hit Johnny in the stomach and put him to the floor. "Give me your phone, Give me your money, i want anything you have" Johhny handed his phone, as he did the 20 year old guy ran up and kicked Johnny in the face. The youngest of the three ran in the other direction.

Best Bit!!!!

Johnny Screamed out in pain, just as he did a Neighbours door opened with a thud and a tall guy came out shouting. "LEAVE HIM OR ILL KICK YOUR ARSE" The three Lads ran in the opposite direction.

This guy was Ben O'Hanlon who we later made good friends with, He's a chef who loved to play online games, and luckily for us he heard all the commosion while he was playing WOW... originally from London and one funny guy.

The best part was he didnt think about what he was wearing when he reached the door he just put on anything. When the door opened and he shouted out, he stood there wearing a Pink dressing gown and pink slippers, he said afterwards he didnt look very masculine but the pussies still ran off.


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    • michalique profile image

      michalique 6 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pa

      nice job!


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