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You can Find a Useful Remedy for Nail Fungus

Updated on January 27, 2014

What is nail fungus? It is actually an infection which is caused by microorganisms which eat away at the Keratin. Keratin is the key ingredient of hair and nails forming a strong surface, necessary for healthy nail and hair growth. The nail fungus infection manifests itself by showing a discoloration of the nail root, near the skin. It is progressive in nature, taking on a dark or yellow coloring throughout the entire nail. The nails become very insightly and unpleasant.

There is no sure cause of Nail Fungus, although some reported causes include being of the male gender, getting the infection after a trauma to the nail, having the nail in water alot (such as swimming), those with Diabetes, and with Immune deficiencies.

Time Table for a Nail Fungus Remedy

Treatment of Nail Fungus can be ongoing because the fungi infecting the nail actually live inside and under the nail, making them harder to get at than with a normal infection of the skin. But a useful remedy for Nail Fungus does exist. The person needs to be patient as the treatment can take up to six months to get the infection under control.

A fingernail fungus infection will often clear up more quickly, often six weeks or so, than a toenail fungus infection

Your first step is to confirm that the discoloration of the nail bed is actually a Nail Fungus. A doctor can do this with an examination.  At your next visit often involves removal and trimming of the thick nail material.

Topical Applications

A topical application will take the longest to be effective. This is a product which is applied to the nail and is also used for other infections concerning fungi, such as athletes foot and ringworm. The topical product, Penlac, is absorbed into the skin and has been shown to be effective for Nail Fungus. It is applied to the entire surface of the nail and the skin nearby once a day. Then once a week, the Penlac is removed and along with it comes some debris and nail that has become unattached.

An Oral Treatment for Nail Fungus

The product Lamisil, a tablet or a solution, is a more useful remedy for Nail Fungus. Lamisil is ingested and carried throughout the bloodstream. The Advantage of Lamisil, being oral, is that no area where the Nail Fungus live can be bypassed.

Being an oral treatment, there are questions and concerns your doctor may have before it is prescribed.

Natural & Home Nail Fungus Remedy

Although not FDA approved, Tea Tree Oil and Leucatin have been used for the treatment of Nail Fungus.

Tea Tree Oil has killed the nail fungus in a laboratory trial when used in combination with a familiar antifungal cream, along with clipping the toenail and removing as much as possible.  After 16 weeks, 80% of the trial participants had improved nails. 

Some home remedies include soaking the infected nail in vinegar, water with baking soda, and strong tea.  When combined with the clipping and removing debris, the appearance of the nail has improved.

Further studies are ongoing.

Always Check with a Professional

I am not a health professional.  Please make sure whether you check with your Podiatrist (foot doctor) or your regular Medical doctor, always confirm that the discoloration is indeed Nail Fungus and never take a remedy until you have discussed the pros and cons with a professional.


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