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A Walk In The Wild Side With the Wild Life In It

Updated on April 3, 2012

A 360 of Wild and Hoping I Remember How to Get Home

The Unexpected Sharing

Depending On the Time of Day and How Far You Go It's Incredible What You Can See

Isn't she just gorgeous
Isn't she just gorgeous
MaMa hog and her babies heading for the brush
MaMa hog and her babies heading for the brush | Source
The Kissimmee River
The Kissimmee River
Safe for now but in a few months it's hunting season and this guy better find a place to hide
Safe for now but in a few months it's hunting season and this guy better find a place to hide

Going From a Walk On the Wild Side to In It

When I was younger and yes even sometimes when I was a little older I have been know to take a few (understatement) trips on the wild side. Today I prefer to take some trips in it. You can call it age, settling in, getting wiser (not sure about that one), developing a greater appreciation for all that has been given, etc, But today my walks in the wide side and with those who live there could never compare to those trips taken on it.

The Wild Side Commingling With the Domesticated

If you watch the video The Unexpected Sharing you can probably understand how contrary to popular belief wildlife can interact and even play with those they should be so naturally afraid of. In the beginning you see the wild baby pigs with my dog which is unusual but there babies. Then when mama shows up to share feed with the horse in the back and Gemini, my horse thinks she has had enough, it's pretty funny considering she gets mad at the dog.

Watching animals in or out of their natural habitat is amazing sometimes. Just to give you an idea I raised those baby pigs because at maybe 2 weeks old, mama was nowhere to be found. When she did show up her back leg had been ripped apart and was in the healing process, but she as so many others was a survivor. To withstand some of the most excruciating pain and injuries and have the ability to survive without all the medications and tests makes me wonder how many more of our illnesses are curable with natures own remedies.

Surrounded By It's Glorious Works of Art

Whether it's just sitting under a big old oak tree listening to the birds and the sound of the brush as the wind rustles through it, or watching as a doe graces me with her presence, there can't possibly be a care in the world here. It's as if someone has lifted you into this blessed sense of peace and tranquility that is beyond words. Even the dogs seem to be in heaven just laying here relaxing hoping it's their turn for a belly rub.

You can almost get lost wanting to venture in every direction as you catch just a glimpse of what is so intriguing and can't wait to see the rest. If I make my way to the river or one of the ponds you can watch all the little fish swim vigorously hoping they may be getting something to eat. Then when your at the pond you begin to wonder just how it is they got there It's not like somebody came out here and stocked it, and the wonders of mother nature leave me in awe again.

I wish that everyone could just come out here and spend the day especially those who have problems that seem more than they can bare, and some who have chosen to try drugs or alcohol to get to that place where I am right now without any of the above. No phones (except for pictures of course), no tv, video games etc just you and the wild side.

You Can Feel the Energy and Strength

Some people would probably shake their heads because they can't stop themselves or their minds long enough to be able to sit quiet and let go. What they don't realize is with that comes this feeling of strength and energy as the wind seems to swirl right through you and the rabbit gets scared and runs as if there were no tomorrow. It's as if mother nature says here I've got more than enough you can have some of mine.

Walking on the wild side I was always in search of that something I couldn't seem to find, myself included. Now I don't have to search anymore, because I found just what I was looking for while taking a walk in it.

Have an incredible day and next time your thinking about taking a walk on the wild side, try taking a walk in it.


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    • Charlu profile image

      Charlu 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Peggy

      I agree 110% on the slow down and enjoy it. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderful comments that are as always greatly appreciated. Have an incredible day.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hi Charlu,

      Mother Nature gives us so much and sometimes I think that the animals know better how to enjoy it than we do. We just need to slow down and take it all in to fully enjoy it. As one nature lover to another, nice job on this hub! Enjoyed the videos and your photos. Voted up and useful as well as beautiful.