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A Way That May Help You Or A Loved One Afford High Priced Medications. Save Money And Keep Your Health!

Updated on January 14, 2016

There Is H.O.P.E For Affordable Medications!


Affording Expensive Medications

I am very familiar with trying to afford medications for myself and family members. I also know how tough it can be when you are on a budget or fixed income like my mom. I needed to be able to get my medications easily with no hassle or worry that I will not be able to pay for them.

I lost my insurance when my position was no longer open at my work place. I was not able to afford the COBRA and had to seek alternate insurance. The insurance coverage that I could afford did not have a good prescription plan. I am a Type 2 diabetic and my doctor has me taking 3 injections, when I tried to get these medications, each one was over $300. My doctor tried to help me, but every discount for these medications fell through. One day I came across an advertisement for H.O.P.E. and went to the website to take a look.

This has been such a blessing to me!! They have a Patient Assistance Program that can help you get the medications you need. I can get all 3 of my injections for $69.95 a month, that beats over $900 a month any day of the week! They can also help with getting diabetic supplies. The medication assistance is not limited to diabetes, so this can benefit everyone! Honestly, my family uses this printable card every time we fill a prescription and the discounts are amazing!

I want to tell you about this great program, H.O.P.E., because it will help you save money. Hopefully, you will share this with friends and family who are having a difficult time affording medications! You can go to the website where you can download and print a free prescription discount card. How great is that! No having to wait for a card to come in the mail, it's right there for immediate use. The best part is that the card does not cost you anything, but you can benefit from it in a big way! Give it a try at

You can also look into their dental and vision plans. They have something that will fit your budget and needs. It is so nice to know there is actually someone out there who has our health needs in mind! I feel extremely confident recommending this program to everyone, no matter what age bracket you may fall into.


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