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A conversation about drug overuse and abuse

Updated on March 9, 2016

A difficult conversation

I have recently been made aware of site to answer a significant need in the aging process. For many years I have worked right along side a Pharmacist as the subject of overdose (due to weight and new additions to the daily list of drugs being taken). Now I am on the other side of that coin and been the person being told of drug interactions. As I looked at this a new website (listed below) for caregivers. Being a caregiver is a time when we are overworked and tired. This is when we may not take the time to check all the information provided us.

Drug overuse and overdose are a very common emergencies and hospitalizations. There is the food that has a negative impact on our health. Recently I became aware of the increasing occurrence of drug abuse and over use within our disabled and elderly population. A pharmacist last month helped me become of a drug interaction otherwise unknown to me within my own regimen. The concern was so great that the pharmacist would not fill the prescription.

All of this brings to mind the need to always go to the same drug store or pharmacist to have prescriptions filled. With money so tight and the stress of everyday life in our world today it is so easy not to question the medication we are given. And there are few of us, check our grocery list with our pharmacist. When we get the weekly ads from our local newspaper, frequently there is a coupon for a free or discounted cost if we go to the pharmacy in the ad. These saving are so significant even a dollar off the cost is a maximum help to our budget. This dollar savings is not worth the cost.

Our weight gain or loss is also a contributor to drug abuse with little to no consideration. When our environment (both bodily and environmentally) is impacted by cost and media. We are constantly bombarded with ads and products to change our body shape and weight. Not to mention the new drugs in the marketplace that we hear about daily. We as a Nation are inundated with the newest, greatest and most important advances in procedures and drugs. Should you want proof of this Medicare issue turn 65 years of age and see how quick the Medicare Card hits your doorstep.

The website listed here will help you 1). Organize and 2) Find a place to learn about the medication you are taking.


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