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A baby's courage

Updated on July 5, 2011

Baby Kayleigh

A baby's fight

There is no greater love than that of a mother and her baby. To see a new mother cradle her newborn baby is enough to bring tears to your eyes. It is very special and very emotional. A mother endures so much leading up to the birth of her little one that it is a precious gift to cherish and keep frozen in time when she is given her child to hold and enjoy. For a new mother the joy of holding her newborn for the very first time is a well deserved moment for both the mother and the baby. We all would love to preserve those moments and keep them with us every day to keep us grounded and teach us what is most important in our busy lives.

From the time the baby is placed in its mothers arms the mother's and baby's lives have been forever changed. She has been blessed with a tiny little baby with tiny little hands and tiny little feet and a tiny little heart beating and providing joy and a feeling that is hard to put into words. It is an overwhelming feeling of great joy and a love that will last for all eternity, A mother will hold her baby close to her heart and she will love it and take care of it with all her heart and soul. She will be grateful for this precious child and will be thankful to her husband and to God for making it all possible.

When we welcome a new baby into the world we want everything to be perfect. We want our newborn to be healthy and to have every chance to live a long, healthy and happy life. For many this is a very real possibility but for others it is an uncertainty that starts with a shocking revelation that there is something wrong and the baby's life is in danger. When a newborn is born premature it stands a chance of not developing all of its vital functions and in those cases it is very likely that the baby will develop complications and be very tiny and will be severely underweight.

For all the healthy babies born, sadly there are some babies that are born only to have to fight for their very survival and it turns a joyous moment into a very sad and painful reality that will test the will of the baby and its parents. In these situations the staff at the hospital will focus on saving the baby and there will be trained staff to assist the parents with the emotional support they will need to help get through the many challenges that lie ahead for all.

Every now and then there comes a time when you hear of an incredible story that seems to touch you and make you feel affected even though you don't have a direct connection to it. I have been affected by such stories throughout my life but there is one story of a brave little newborn girl that will change you forever when you read her story and watch the family video of how she bravely underwent surgery after surgery to ensure her survival. You will feel such love and overwhelming joy for how she courageously fought to stay alive despite the fact that the odds were against her survival. Her parents were always by her side and they made tremendous sacrifices to support her through each and every day. She was born premature weighing only 1 pound at birth. She was so tiny and so fragile but you wouldn't know it when you see all she went through. She was connected to so many tubes from the day she was born that you felt so very sad for her and her parents. What you realize though is that her parents cherished every day they had with their precious little baby and it was so very comforting for them to stay at the hospital to be with her. The moments when the mother held her little baby you just felt so much love that she held for her. Her name was Kayleigh and she proved to so many that she was a fighter and she indeed wanted to live. She was the tiniest baby ever to have to endure so many surgeries including open heart surgery. The images of her with all those tubes and the scar on her tiny little chest really made me feel for her and her family. I even shed some tears as I saw all she had to endure. What I also realized though is that she was a real trooper and she had so much courage in her tiny little body that you felt so inspired by her sheer will to survive.

Kayleigh lived for less than a year but she fought each and every day of her life and she was a true inspiration to so many people. Her parents had to deal with this extremely sad loss but they learned so much from her that they decided to focus on the beauty and privilege of sharing her life although it was brief. They now share in celebrating her life, her courage and her heart. She was a gift from God and what she left was a gift of love and inspiration. She is missed very much and her parents have beautiful memories of her. They had lived with her everyday at the hospital and she taught them a valuable lesson of life, courage and the will of a baby to live. Her brief time with her family made them far better off and it is natural that they grieve her loss and feel the emptiness where she once occupied a place. When they look into the empty crib it really hurts that this precious life is no longer. They take solace in knowing that their little baby girl is no longer in pain and is now at peace. They owe it to her to spread the word of how she touched their lives and taught them and inspired them to understand the beauty and simplicity of life. They dedicated a blog to her where they write about their experiences in raising this beautiful little angel and they share the times they shared together at the hospital when she was still with them. It is a very beautiful and emotional page and it will touch your heart when you watch the videos, look at the pictures and read the touching stories written by the parents who loved their baby girl so dearly and gained strength from her courage. I must admit that I have been touched by her story. I have felt inspired by my son and his courage which led me to writing a blog so when I came upon Kayleigh's story and her parents blog about her I felt I should write something about it because it really taught me something very valuable about life, a baby girl's courage and the love of a mom, dad and family. It is a beautiful story which will give you hope and will also make you shed a tear for baby Kayleigh. In reading her story I just wish to offer my condolences to her family and express my appreciation in learning about her as she was truly a special little baby girl and her legacy will live on inspiring so many. Thank you for sharing your story of your precious little baby girl. It touched my heart and made me cry.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Baby Kayleigh

Baby Kayleigh


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    • ediann profile image

      ediann 6 years ago

      Baby Kayleigh is courageous in so many ways. She fought through many surgeries and was fighting to live. She weighed 1 pound at birth and her parents indicated that doctors held no hope for her to live yet she battled throughout her short life. If you see all those tubes and the scar on her chest you would see how courageous she was. A baby can show courage too and Kayleigh spoke volumes with the courage she displayed without question. She was an inspiration to all who knew her and for those who read the family story. God Bless this sweet little angel and her family.

    • jtyler profile image

      jtyler 6 years ago

      This is really a meaningful and good article, I mean it, but in what way is the baby courageous? I rated the hub up, by the way.