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A dose of reality

Updated on February 25, 2012

Precious life

Life, living and learning

I believe we are all trying to live our lives with purpose, appreciation, humor, humility, courage, friendship, inspiration, love and joy. We are also searching and trying to live our life with complete respect and understanding for others and with the desire to be someone. We all want to be recognized in our life and told we are doing a good job. Success is measured in many ways and we all have our list of priorities and things we wish to do in our life. No one truly knows how long their life will last or what their main purpose is. Life is a joy, a blessing, a wonder, a miracle, a precious gift, a mystery, an unknown and a reason for living, loving, learning and doing. We all share our life for the most part with our family and loved ones who help contribute to our development and help shape us in how we perceive the world around us and how we process our thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and hopes.

We all go through many stages in our life and the years seem to pass us by in a flash before we can truly grasp it all. It seems that we all are striving for the same things yet we all have different approaches and different ways of accomplishing our goals. To me as a witness to the world we live in and to having the good fortune of having a wonderful family both as a child and as an adult I feel privileged and lucky. I am a firm believer that if we have hope and a vision and we try to do our best and we open our hearts and our minds and stay true to who we are we will achieve our own personal success. Sometimes I question what our purpose truly is and what is the whole meaning of life and how is it that we were born to this time and place. It all seems like a complete mystery and it also seems that as we live and experience our lives and who we are we also are dealing with the reality that we all will face our own trials and sad moments. We also know that life is not forever so we will also face the inevitable time when we will be alone and must be courageous as we face our own mortality.

An essential part of our lives is centered around our family, our friends, our education and our faith. We must have a firm trust and belief in God and a deep abiding love for him. We must also be spiritual and devoted to the ones we love. It is our family that give us strength and help us through the difficult moments. As a father and a husband it is my hope to always be there for my son and my wife and to have an inner strength to deal with all that we must experience. Life has imperfection and heartache as well as joy and promise. It is so important to try and maintain a healthy outlook always and to be a positive influence in our children's lives.

As we live our lives we will always encounter the joys and the heartbreaks and we have to develop a mechanism for dealing with each so we can get through them ok and get on with life. In the course of our lives we will have many experiences and it is the sum total of those experiences that will have shaped us and given us the ability to be a person with feelings. We will have learned a great deal and hopefully will have made a difference and made the world a little nicer. I know the feeling when we lose someone close to us and believe me it is a very difficult and emotional time and it causes us to become more reflective and question things about life and living and our sense of purpose and why things have to be this way. The most important thing we must do in our life is to see that the child we bring into this world will be loved, protected, nurtured, educated, encouraged, fed, sheltered and given opportunity to live a life for a purpose and a reason. We do welcome the joys of our children for they enable us to share in the miracle of life, the joys of parenthood and the gift of passing our hopes and dreams to them, the next generation when it is our time to say goodbye.

It is such a special bond a parent has with their child and for me that is the best thing we will experience in our life and it is our most important role and challenge we will ever face. Life is for living, sharing, loving, learning, teaching and passing on all we know to our children so they can dream and have a family of their own one day.

Dedicated to my wife and son.

God Bless!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Precious life

A Parent's wish for their children

Parents and children

Parent's prayer for child

Adorable baby girl making big strides with parents encouragement


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    • ediann profile image

      ediann 7 years ago

      Thank you to the both of you for the kind words and for your friendship. We all learn from each other and it is nice to express ourselves through words. I love the videos too! Yes, I am blessed with wonderful family!

    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      Great story here, you are very lucky to have a great family, as so many don't have that.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      Beautiful words and videos. Thanks for sharing