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A Heavenly S-Cape For A Superman.

Updated on October 14, 2009


A Heavenly S-cape for superman!

(for Christopher Reeves)




Kryptonite crept in one night

under the constant pressure

between his mortal flesh

and the mattress

on which his dreams soared. 

It  burned a green hole

in his flesh that festered

and weakened his indomitable spirit.

But it offered him an S-cape from his misery

that he had not expected in his silenced

and then mechanical world.

And so his soul left this plane

faster then a speeding bullet,

able to leap immortality in a single bound

and  then he was gone,

as the metropolis

rumbled on without him. 

 One can never step into phone booths,

which are also disappearing

due to cellular destruction

without thinking of his changes

and how he could have been so good

for this world if he had truly been


Godspeed superman,

heaven welcomed your heroic entrance.


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