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A letter to my dad in heaven

Updated on April 21, 2017

Dad, you are so very loved and missed.

Dear dad,

I wish you knew how much you are loved and missed. I don't think you every realized how many people's lives you touched. How many people you helped.

Through your wisdom and willingness to lend a hand, you helped so many people learn to do things for themselves and to take care of each other.

My own kids regularly talk about your wisdom. After you died, I read a paper Hunter had written at school where he was to name the people in his life that he looked up to and had taught him valuable life lessons. He wrote, "my dad and my papa are the wisest people I know". I don't think you realized that even our children knew they were blessed by having you in their lives.

I think of so many things I would like to ask how you would accomplish or handle.... but I can't. You are not here.

Dad, at your funeral, so many people payed tribute to you and to the many ways you affected their life. You would have been humbled and in awe of the love. After the funeral the processional to the cemetery was truly unbelievable. So many cars filled with so many people who love you. The Marysville police escorted us out of town to make sure you were shown your respect. All along the route people young and old stopped and removed hats and lowered their heads in respect.

Pastor Turner said that he had never witnessed such a large number of people gathered at a cemetery before they day you were buried. For me it was a blur, but I know that you would have been in awe of the people, both family and friends that came to the cemetery to see you to your final resting place on earth.

Life isn't the same without you. You were are one link to mom and the wonderful memories of growing up with two parents who were committed to one another and their family. We are learning how to move on without both of you. Learning to be the next adults to prepare our own children for the day that will one day arrive.

Dad, you and mom were the absolute best examples of how to love unconditionally. I can't thank you enough for how many ways you sacrificed for your family.

I believe you are with mom and spending each moment laughing, and dancing and waiting for us to join you in the heavenly realm. I love you dad, more than you will ever know. Thank you for the many life lessons you passed along to me. Thank you for believing in me and telling me more often than I can count that I was special.

I love you dad, give mom a hug for me and tell her I can't wait to see you both.


saying goodbye to my dad...

Dad, when it was time to say goodbye, I wasn't ready. I hadn't done enough for you, I hadn't said enough to you about how much I love you. My kids hadn't learned enough from you or been able to have you in their life nearly long enough.

The only comfort I have is knowing that when you left, mom and the Lord Jesus himself were there to meet you and usher you into eternity. I long for the day when we will all be together again.

After the funeral I ran across the theme song for Dr. Zhivago and you asked me to have it played at your funeral. I am sorry I didn't remember this, but I dedicate this video to you now dad, and every time I hear it I will remember you and mom and the legacy of love you have left for us. Dad, I love you and miss you.

dad - you have always been there for me - who else but you would appreciate these puppy slippers as a gift!
dad - you have always been there for me - who else but you would appreciate these puppy slippers as a gift!
mom dad and kids - blessed with the best!
mom dad and kids - blessed with the best!
dad at Thanksgiving - God thank you for the best mom and dad ever.
dad at Thanksgiving - God thank you for the best mom and dad ever.

to my dad with love


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    • savenlives profile image


      19 months ago

      Absolutely beautiful!! I lost my dad a couple of years ago and it is heartbreaking. What a wonderful letter to your beloved dad! ♥


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