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Tiny boxes-Tiny boxes maybe R. Miller had it right after all

Updated on July 15, 2016
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Working closely with assisted livings and adult family homes as well as individuals solving the more difficult problems of caregiving.

How did we get here?

I am sure most of you have heard of the Tiny House trend. This trend has a good foster parent looking back over our history. Our national lawmakers to help the servicemen returning from the War created the Post-WWII housing solution. Positioned to answer our economic concerns. At that time the housing solution was only one part of our help to Vets. Today this trend also answers the new trend of ‘less is more'. Just as in 1945 our government is at odds about providing housing without debt. Tiny houses are beautiful and give more than some of the older generation may know. There are Tiny House communities in most states. As our younger generation make their way into the workforce and, most assuredly into the area of fulfilling their dreams of travel, experience and ‘having it all' this may be the way to do so. Just type TINY HOUSE into the browser (this is not spam or an avenue to spend your money) and watch as a new door opens to having our home and still have money to pursue the activities. If you want to watch the making of a tiny house try Tiny House Nation on T.V. or even better contact your local Builder's Association for the information.

What are our options?

My first acquaintance with this housing phenomenon was in a town close to me where retirement is the name of the game. This town has a block and half of them. Although very interesting to look at, the truth is to as they provide a look of peace and tranquility outside, inside the living space is exceptional. While most Tiny Homes are at or under 900 square feet (some as small as 250 square feet) the ones I speak of here are just over that. Looking to our East Coast, a cloister of cottages on the east coast, they had a one car garage behind the house, every one of these eight homes faces a common sidewalk and small yards beacon all inhabitants to sit on the front porch and converse with their neighbors. Tiny Houses provide a safety feature that our country is striving for. Knowing our neighbors and having them know us. The idea of ‘community' is put back in our lifestyle.

The idea of going smaller and leaving a more tolerable footprint is or at seems to be the motto of our next generation. As anyone who has been to the grocery store recently has seen downsizing of food packaging. Many choices of meals are now coming in single or two serving size. Checking this new choice (I am a single adult living in my own home) I have found these meals to be very good. For years those of us living in either one or two person dwelling have had to fixed meals and then freeze the leftovers or eat the same dinner for at least a week. There is no better time for this change but now. As our population is graying and many are living in a single person home, regardless of the reason, meals can be not only cheaper also they are healthier.

Entertainment is following the same trend with activities for single or couples. This entertainment goes from climbing sheer mountain cliffs to watching T.V. or looking on our electronic devices. Our communities today have singles clubs, singles travel, senior centers, which are anything, is not sedentary by any means. Many have ‘Senior Games', which are an Olympics for the over 65 set. Many of our churches offer, along with their normal fare of activities, weekends away from the city life and with people of like activities. How many remember going to summer camp with the church youth for a week or more? Today this activity is set up for family vacations, senior getaways and so forth. Even our home entertainment is set-up as ‘little is more’. Not just our bigger T.V. with smaller home theater equipment. And how can we forget our laptops, games and select groups of those playing group games with electronics?

Looking at our golden years.
Looking at our golden years. | Source

What is this? How can I benefit from it?

Yes it does appear our lifestyle today reflects tiny is bigger. From homes to our food to our entertainment we are going smaller to access the larger numbers in our population. Perhaps this is the best way of life – books brought us the Great Depression and Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath to Joshua Davis' Spare Parts and communities have moved back to ‘Community Policing' and block parties. The challenge is for each of you to look at the different ways our population and our community is downsizing. Given some thought, you may find a new lifestyle that fits in with your dreams and economic lifestyle. Let me know what you find.


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