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A live encounter with Schizophrenia, the mental disorder (Part 1)

Updated on July 24, 2016

Schizophrenia, the dangerous psychiatric disorder!

Today Schizophrenia, the mental disorder is a common psychiatric paranoid. It is just as weird a disease as it could be. No one can differentiate a normal person and a person affected with schizophrenia at one go. In most cases, people seem to be absolutely normal in their mannerisms when they have already been turned into a prey of this vulnerable disease. I grew up listening to what the doctor said "It cant be cured" and " you have to take medicines till death". It is frustrating but where is the solution? I accepted it as it is but I never really left the tiny hope of finding a better solution to fight against schizophrenia.

My childhood days went into understanding the nature of the psychiatric disorder schizophrenia. Of course,I was learning it slowly day by day; piling up information to comprehend what actually occurred to my father. Entire process of watching him from distance was so painful and devastating but I could not let it happen the way things were shaping up for our family. It hit hard and we all fall at once! Although I was not there when these all really started, I collected information afterwards from my mother. She told me how a particular incident triggered fear inside my father and how gradually he turned into the different person altogether. People call it personality disorder ; true it is but not limited to. That was a lock out at my father's office when he was restricted inside his office corridor for the entire night. My father got frightened. No one likes to get trapped for false reasons. I believe spending the long night at his office did not push him to succumb but the false allegation was. I can not go deep into the factual things as I was too young when the incident took place. Here my readers wonder; then how am I explicitly pin pointing to the reason of despair? I analyzed it reviewing other similar situations he encountered.

Deep anxiety, excessive mental trauma, emotional distress, suppressed depression are the major causes for Schizophrenia which is not only a chronic mental disorder but also a incurable psychiatric end. What my father went through and what are those worst situations that affected him most - are not the only look out here but these details surely throw enough lights on the nature of deadly disease. Schizophrenia is even more dangerous as we are still unaware of the true cause behind it. In my case, I relate it to a physical damage. I heard once my father fell from the terrace in his childhood while he was looking to catch a kite. That time he was not diagnosed with any major injury. Many years later, when I consulted with a renown neurologist, he pointed out a sharp injury line present in his left brain. This is prominent in the M.R.I (Magnetic Resonance Imagining) performed upon. Again I am not sure if this physical damage is the only internal reason to blame for but the association can not be ruled out completely. In my accrued knowledge, I will give sure sort credit to this physical damage. Perhaps this has expedited the psychological deterioration.

So the question is how to be assured of the fact that a person is already the victim of Schizophrenia?

1. Abrupt reaction to normal incidents: Schizophrenic patients often react abruptly to mundane incidents. They become violent if their points do not get due importance. Any denial to their ideas can trigger uneasiness within.

2. Perceived world is their ideal place: Victims of schizophrenia make their own world of solitude and perseverance. They consider themselves confined in a different space far apart. This hypothetical belonging could prove to be the end of their normal existence.

3. Split personality: These patients usually behave as lone creatures in any get together. They stay there among the others but forget to feel like they are one of them. They become the silent observer and if you decide to ask them a few questions here and there, you will be at the receiving end; ready to get flooded with surprising answers which you can hardly comprehend.

4. Schizophrenics think differently: I can recollect the days when my father used to draw me unknown sketches out of regular geometrical figures. I observed those figures minutely and tried to relate them in vain. They were beautiful but meaningless to me.

5. Sudden mood swings: These people have their own ways to react. Simple greetings can annoy them where as they remain indifferent to matters of high statures. If schizophrenic finds anything offensive to their self belief , they will not resist themselves from screaming at you.

7. Absurd mental state: Schizophrenics often succumb into idiosyncratic states of mind. Moment of happiness dissolves into prolong depression. They are addicted to kind of elevated behavioral patterns. If you are not in touch with schizophrenic patients for a longer time, you will find it purposefully absurd.

8. Association with distant objects: Usually this mental disease compels victims to associate themselves to distant objects. They fail to identify with real things around; instead they stay happy imagining themselves with unreal objects. I still remember, my father used to describe his office corridor as a dark dungeon where he was forced to stay by his office colleagues. These office colleagues were bunch of dangerous creatures for him.

9. Sense of fear prevails: A typical sense of awe remains there with schizophrenic patients. As they perceive the existence of unreal objects more than the real ones, unpleasant thoughts burden them fast.

10. Hallucination: There can be a large number of hallucinations. Certain family members can be misinterpreted as different persons altogether. They even visualize dead people living and staying around them. No one can trace back the source behind this peculiar thoughts.I heard my father calling my mother with my grand mother's name and when I confronted this mistaken identity with him, he was completely unapologetic. Sometimes they would hear disembodied voices coming from nowhere.This is auditory hallucination where as the previous one is object oriented hallucination.

11. Delusional existence: A schizophrenic remains sleepy for most of the times. They are out of mental strength. Array of disorganized thoughts come and go away in their minds too often. They lack self confidence. Feeling of being abused or embarrassed swallow them gradually. They try to be creative but that too in their own imaginary worlds. Self belief and convincing power which motivate a person to achieve bigger is a lost cause in case of schizophrenics. They love themselves more than anything else and this becomes the stern reason to think they are about to meet doom if they fail to maintain the grandeur of self identity.

Lonely man in a different world, the schizophrenic effect


After effects of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia can have a series of negative impacts. No one can pin point the exact cause of it , likewise no one can list down the exact number of after effects it can have. However there are a few prominent ones.

1. Disorganized Thinking: People with schizophrenia can not think in a proper way. Physical changes inside the brain can expedite the process. They often misinterpret situations and find abnormal associations between objects which are not meant to be similar at any point of time. Gradually they lose the power to solve complex algorithms. Sometimes this inability to solve problems accompany acute pains inside the brain. I watched my father grew up a slow apathy in reaching the end result for any mathematical problem.

2. Burdened speech effect: Inability to express feeling / emotion is a major hindrance for schizophrenic patients. Once my father was describing an incident from his college days.He was half way to wrap up the incident when he suddenly jumped into another story that had no resemblance to the previous one. When I tried to correct him, he was stubborn and emphasized on continuing the later one. As I have been seeing this condition for more than a decade now, I can describe the incident as 'Burdened speech effect' which can be defined as an array of disorganized events or thoughts resulting into certain jeopardized speeches.ion

3. Relative aberration: Chemical defects inside the brain can make the situation worse. Long term usage of anti psychotic drugs weakens up the bonding between tissues and fluids within the brain. Prolong psychiatric consultation reveals the possibility of retarded mental state. My father lacks conviction when he gets exposed to open ended situations and he likes to associate things of present and future with the incidents of past. The reason being past incidents have already been registered into his memory where as the present occurrences seem to be cluttered and hypothetical events to him. This is essentially the source of relative aberration in case of schizophrenic patients.

I intend to discuss later half of the journey in a separate article. For the time being I am more concerned with symptoms and after effects as I have witnessed them in my father's case. Although there are not much options to cure a schizophrenic patient, I still got positive results applying general things to its betterment . The process is long enough; so I would continue to write on this psychiatric disorder

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