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A million dollar smile in 100 days of sadness

Updated on March 6, 2015

Hidden thoughts behind a smile

“Smile” a much expected action, yet unexpected when you see the grey sky never turns blue ( no hope)and earth below floods with rocks ( difficulties) to stumble over and over again. There is at least one time in everyone’s life when no forces on earth can put you together. The more you try to stand up, the more you fall. Eventually you lose your existence and forget who you are. You accept the heavy defeat and surrender before all the unfortunates to take control over you. But you hide your feeling with a smile, that smile worths a million dollar ( has a story to tell).

Some times there are issues that runs in families that affects you, a whole bunch of emotional stuff that you carry around everywhere you go which continues to haunt you down. You collapse a number of times. You fall into severe depression. You lose appetite and wish that you could sleep and never wake up. You don't answer phone calls and lose a lot of friends. All you can feel is that you are no longer that colourful girl with big dreams. You don't know how to smile anymore. But you feel its easier to smile than to show your sadness. You pose a thought that people are noticing you constantly and giving unwanted attention because you are upset.You do anything but to tell the truth and cover you feeling.You tell people “ no I am not depressed” – with a smile on your face. Now who can overlook those pricy smiles when it had a hundred days of agonies? Smile that hide all her frustration, anger, denial and even resentment. But it sparks so bright and rare that the audiences can't resists to see a blink of it.

The sad truth about your smile is (according to some of the scientific articles) while you smile in depression actually makes the person feel unhappy causing a sense of confusion and agitation. The solution to this problem is to be true to your self and your emotion. Do not compromise your seriousness of smiling depression under any social condition but to skip smiling until whatever negative emotion you have in your mind. Let go of your emotion and try to resolve it. No medicine can be healthier than this. Remember, it's only you who can understand the tormented smile while you think it pleases other. Ignoring the truth might end up in some scariest thoughts in future.

Bottom line is, how can you not know how beautiful your smile is? People admire your smile because they are curious to see a rare you but they are not unaware of your pain. Pushing yourself in an attempt to become happy for the sake of others won’t give you even results. You need to understand the underlying motivation to begin smiling sparks even brighter. Treasure your smile for a good reason not for a second meaning to hide behind it.Whether you fake to put a smile on you or it is your behaviour to make yourself feel better, a smile tells it all.

Hidden thoughts behind a smile


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I've been there and done that! In reality, we suffer in silence because we don't think that others want to hear the bad stuff we are going through. We avoid talking about the negative like we avoid someone who has a virus, fearing that we won't be strong enough to handle it. Talking about the negative doesn't win friends and influence people! Unfortunately, we end up bottling our emotions, and then taking them out on ourselves!


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