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A positive Lifestyle Will Get Health and Wealth

Updated on July 1, 2012

I change my lifestyle one year ago today and dramatic things have started happening.

I am hypertensive and a diabetic and was 180 lbs when I started. I became an hypertensive at age thirty and a confirmed diabetic at age 53 although there were signs of diabetes such as skins color change but believe it was the side effects of the hypertension tablets and have actually changed hypertension tablets 6 times and no change.

With this life style change I have taken my weight down to 150 lbs without medication nor fad diets and minimal exercise just for firming.

I now maintain a blood pressure between 114/76 – 130/80 in very stressful situation it may go to 140/90/ and a blood sugar between 5 -6 ( 81-108) s

I still have my medication on hand and try taking them sometimes but they always make me feel sicks as the reading go too low for me to function efficiently.

I am now on the business of promoting healthy life style coupled with healthy finances .I am so excited that I want to tell others about them. I want to help individuals to live healthier lives and have better standard of living.

I am actually on a crusade for healthy lives style and have become a medical missionary and have opened a small wellness center where I teach individuals to manage their disease through lifestyle changes. In a nutshell this is what I teach:

The Right Foods Is Important


Meet the 8 doctors , they will help you

Celebrate Life , God’s Gift To You

1.Nutrition. Eat foods from all nutrient groups Do not eat

And drink, Do not eat between meals

2.Exercise Do this at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes.

Walking is very good

3.Water : Drink 6-8 glasses daily and do not eat and drink

4. Sunshine : Spend 30-45 minutes in the sunshine

5. temperance: Avoid bad practices, do moderately the

things that are good

6. Air : Get Fresh air ,sleep in proper ventilated rooms a

at nights.

7. Rest : Get 7. Rest : 7-8 hours go to bed by latest 10:00 pm

8. Trust In God: This will help you manage a lot of your daily stres.

I also realize that individuals are suffering financially and need counseling on finances and not counseling but need opportunities to make money.

In my question finding one item that helped a lady with bad arthritis pain I came upon the ideal business opportunity which from research is one very good method of ensuring financial freedom.

With this business an individual can work at his/her leisure , and decide the line of products s/he wishes to promote .The products are from a company that has over fifty years of track record and is certified with the BBB as one of the best is the United States. The products the choose from are varied, Home, Hair, Health, Cosmetic, jewelry, office , snacks quite a wide variety.

If the individual has the entrepreneur s/he can become and Independent Business owner (IBO). At this point s/he can invite and registers other IBOs and give them also the opportunity to be paid by the company for sales volume and new IBO.

The New IBO is required to pay $62. US to register and Is given a store in the form of a website that has all the products carried by the mother company. The new IBO is also given kit to start the business.

I recommend them to the 8 doctors god;s health Or the natural laws of health, nutritional supplements ,and lastly herbs when necessary. The results is most times tremendous and amazing

Just a simple lifestyle change has empowered me to

A. Lose weight

B. Reduced my High blood Pressure

C. Control my diabetes.

D. Improve my finances for the Better

E. Over all healthy.

What about You ? You too do can do all this and more by just assessing your lifestyle and change for the better.


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