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A Quick Leg Workout you can do Anywhere

Updated on December 29, 2017
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Strong Muscular Legs look Awesome
Strong Muscular Legs look Awesome

A Quick and Effective Leg Workout You Can Do Anywhere without Weights

I am back again with another great workout for you. This is a leg exercise workout program you can do without the use of weights. You can perform the exercises just by using your own body weight.

I was at the gym the other day doing a leg workout. I wasn’t really into exercising by using the leg press or squats so I decided I would do body weight exercises to exercise my legs and while I was at it, since I wasn’t using weights I would also make sure this workout was also a cardio type workout.

I seem to always get lots of weight training but cardio is the one thing I could use more of. Most people that lift a lot of weights fall into this category. Although if you do your weight workout with minimal rest periods in-between your sets you will have a raised heart rate giving you a cardio effect from the weight exercises.

The Exercises and The BIG Plan

So what was I going to do. Since I was already changed and walking into the gym I had to think quickly. What exercises would I perform to train my leg muscles today? I really enjoy the exercise called walking lunges and how they work all of the thigh muscles and a bonus is that they even work the butt and calve muscles quite a bit as well . I just had to come up with what else I could add to walking lunges to give all of my legs a workout and also give me some cardio at the same time.

I came up with deep jumping squats for an exercise that I would do immediately after a set of walking lunges. The deep jumping squats exercise your quadriceps muscles which are in the front of your thigh and the hamstrings muscles which are in the back of your thigh and also the buttocks and calves.

Doing the jump squats are hard enough when you do them alone but when you add them right after another leg exercise you are just asking to get your heart pumping hard and your thigh muscles pumped as well. These two exercises together will surely increase anyone’s fitness level.

These exercises together just might be the perfect combination for building muscle and adding cardiovascular work to your exercise routine.

The Leg Workout Let's Get Started

When I perform walking lunges I do them on the track at the gym I work out at so I go about 35 to 40 feet one way then I turn around and do another 35 to 40 feet back, this is one set. For this workout I would immediately start doing jumping squats when I finished one set of lunges, doing as many as I could until I couldn’t jump any more. That would be one set of jumping squats. If you do it this way your heart will be pumping big time.

You don't have to walk one way and then turn around and come back, if you want you can keep walking one way if you have the space. I just go one way and then come back because I like to start at the same spot every time. You do what works for you.

Some people like to use weights when doing lunges. I usually do walking lunges as a warm up so don’t use weights but if I was doing just straight lunges and not walking lunges I would definitely use some dumbbells.

If you prefer too or you just don’t have the room you can do regular lunges in one spot instead of walking lunges then you can just do your jumping squat right in the spot you did your lunges. Walking lunges are the preferred exercise though.

Whether you do walking or lunges in one spot do them until your thighs are starting to burn or tire out whichever comes first. That usually happens at the same time though.

Then do your jumping squats until you try to jump and just can't get off the ground. Your legs should be burning by now and the blood should be pumping your muscles up.

Performing exercises like this is called a superset. One set of lunges and then one set of squats together is one superset. If you do three supersets like this that should be enough to give your muscles and heart a quick yet great workout.

How to Perform a Lunge

Standing with your feet pointed straight ahead step ahead with one leg leaving the other behind. Your forward leg should be far enough ahead of you but not too far.

When in this stance after stepping forward with one leg you squat down and your forward legs knee should not go further ahead than your toes if there was an imaginary vertical line in the air. Keep your back straight at all times.

After squatting down start to stand up and as you stand take your leg that was behind you and move it forward and perform the same movement.

This is a walking lunge.

If you are doing a stay in place lunge after squatting down you would push off with your front leg going back into the starting position and then repeating the movement with your other leg.

Walking Lunge How To

The Jump Squat

This one is pretty straight forward. Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart or maybe slightly narrower.

Toes pointed straight ahead or slightly outwards. Position your toes so that you are comfortable. Now squat down and try to touch your butt to your heels.

It is important to squat this low so that you involve your hamstrings in the movement.

Now jump in the air as high as you can and on your way down drop right into the beginning position and repeatedly do this movement without stopping until you cannot perform another.

How to perform a jump squat



I find when I do lunges on a regular basis I notice more muscle development on the lower part of my quadriceps right above my knees. So if you want to look good in a pair of shorts make sure you include this exercise in your routine. Jumping squats I haven’t done much of but plan on including them more often in my workouts. They really get my heart pumping as I am sure they will yours.  That is your quick and effective leg workout. I hope it works great for you.


© 2010 Grant Handford


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