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A review of "Baron Baptiste: Foundations of Power Vinyasa Yoga" DVD and Why Baron Baptiste is a great American Yogi

Updated on July 1, 2013

A Journey to Power


What is Power Yoga:

Power yoga is form of Vinyasa Yoga that emphasizes connecting each movement with either an inhalation or an exhalation. The main difference between Power Yoga and other forms of Vinyasa is that Power Yoga has explicitly de-emphasized the spiritual aspect found in most types of yoga. Baptiste's form of Power Yoga (and there are other styles of Power Yoga) is a very vigorous style that some people have referred to as "gym yoga" because it's very intense and has been advertised as a weight loss method. That being said, don't dismiss Baptiste's style as it has proven effective enough to help pro athletes, body builders, and yogis/yoginis all the same.

So, What Separates Baron Baptiste from the rest?

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years dating back to ancient India. This long and interesting history has left it with a bit of a mysterious and cloudy legacy. Because of this mysteriousness, some God-Fearing American people are a little hesitant to go to a yoga class, even though many of those same people will admit it's many benefits.

What Baron Baptiste has done is taken out the new-age chakra talk without sacrificing the mental, physical, and (dare I say it?) spiritual benefits. In his DVD Baron Baptiste: Power Yoga, you will get all the good stuff without incurring the wrath of any omnipotent deity who may frown upon such idolatry. Throughout the entire workout you will focus on your breath, elongate and strengthen your larger muscles while simultaneously working on balance and strengthening you stabilizer muscles, and have a mind clearing (and extremely welcomed) savasanah.

This is the kind of practice that has been and probably will be welcomed into mainstream American life. People spend billions on both the fitness/diet industry and the therapeutic/calm me down/pill popping industry in the US, and what Baptiste is offering is a mix of both for one low price.

For a good example: you can do this FREE sample of Baptiste's style

Reasons to Check this DVD out

  • It is a very approachable style of yoga that doesn't include very much of the hard to understand Sanskrit
  • You can burn calories in a way that is not as hard on your body as running or High Intensity Interval Training like P90X or Insanity.
  • It stands the test of time. You can do the same workout and improve each time without getting bored.
  • If you are a skilled yogi or an eager beginner, it will keep you interested the entire way through.

Reasons it may be difficult for some

  • It's a live vinyasa, so the little instruction he gives may not be what the viewer needs
  • If you are a novice to yoga, it may be harder to follow than more traditional Yoga DVD's
  • It's a vigorous workout. If you are expecting to not sweat, you will be disappointed

Foundations of Power Vinyasa Breakdown

The DVD "Foundations of Power Vinyasa" is different from other Yoga DVD's in that it was recorded live at the Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference. This 90 minute Vinyasa was completely done live in front of a crowd of participants who had not done this routine before. Still, despite that and the fact that the DVD has absolutely no extras, it's well worth a look.

Look for one of Baron Baptiste's Video's on Amazon


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