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A review of Diet Pepsi Products

Updated on October 13, 2011

Diet sodas are vey popular

But all products are not the same.
But all products are not the same.

The soda formerly known as Patio

Diet Pepsi was first introduced as Patio Diet Cola in 1963. The name was later changed to Diet Pepsi in 1964. Since that time the diet soda industry has grown, with many other names and flavors entering into the market. The original product was designed to present a form of Cola under the Pepsi brand without sugar. All Diet Pepsi products contain Aspartame, an artificial sweetener which is also known by the brand name Nutrasweet. In the United States this is the only sweetener in the product, but in other countries cyclamates may also be added. Cyclamates are banned in the United States.

Diet Pepsi has a basic product, which is the Pepsi formula with Aspartame instead of sugar. There is also Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and Cherry Vanilla Diet Pepsi. There is also a Diet Pepsi Zero, which is caffeine free, Pepsi One with one calorie per 8oz. serving and Pepsi Max which contains extra caffeine and Ginseng.

The Flavors vary in taste

Worldwide there are several Diet Pepsi Flavors. Some are only released for a limited time. There are lemon flavored, lime flavored, spicy flavored and fruity flavored versions outside the United States. For a short time, a clear Diet Pepsi was marketed but it proved to be unpopular and was withdrawn from the market.

Diet Pepsi continues to be the favorite among the various options available. This may be because it is the most widely available for purchase. Like it's number one competitor, Diet Coke, it is found in grocery stores, in convenience stores, in roadside machines and wherever soda products are sold. The Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi product also is popular and has a fruity flavor that consumers seem to like. The newer Diet Pepsi Cherry Vanilla has an unusual flavor combination that has not been as popular. This product was created to compete with Diet Cherry Coke and Cherry Vanilla Coke. The distribution of this product has been limited and it may not be continued if public interest in it doesn't take off.

The caffeine free Diet Pepsi has more aspartame than the regular Diet Pepsi Product. All Diet Pepsi products contain about 3mg of caffeine per ounce except Pepsi Max which contains increased amounts of caffeine and ginseng. This is designed to compete with the recently introduced energy drinks that have shown to be popular with younger consumers.

Diet Pepsi continues to evolve as a product, with new flavors and new combinations being introduced and less popular versions being removed from the product line. Which is your favorite?


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