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A scented candle in a coconut shell of BsaB

Updated on March 31, 2016

Every person has fragrances which are appealing to him or her. There are also some scents which we love immensely. Not to mention that some of them can easily drive us crazy, immersing in a whirlwind of positive emotions. A coconut savor is my obsession. Measure of my adoration goes beyond all acceptable norms.

I have cosmetics with a mouth-watering and sweet coconut savor such as lip balsams, shampoos and body lotions. My newest find is a hair spray with a coconut aroma. I thought that I couldn’t be happier! Sometimes I have a wish to take a bath filled with it!)

But! One day I was surfing the Internet and found a scented candle in a coconut shell of BsaB. It has literary taken my breath away!

It is double coconut enjoyment! A coconut candle in a real coconut shell is an embodiment of perfection! It goes without saying that I have immediately ordered it and now I have to suffer from pleasant anticipation.

I can vividly imagine a fragrance of this candle because I have already had products of this brand. The very first thing which I like in BsaB is 100% naturalness. Beauty of untouched nature and an environmentally-friendly style of life are the top priorities. Specialists who work for this company spend an impressive amount of time looking for components which won’t damage environment. All products manufactured by BsaB workers don’t contain any chemical additive and flavor enhancer. That is the main reason why BsaB candles possess such a light, tender and pleasant aroma.

Scented candles in a coconut shell of BasB are presented with different fragrances such as Coconut, Mango, St. Tropez, Lemongrass and Darjeeling Tea. I chose a fragrance which can transfer me to atmosphere of a tropical Paradise. Beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waves, warm sun rays and tasty coconut aromas are just gorgeous. Harmony and immeasurable peacefulness will help you to relax and observe beauty of nature.

I was happy to tell you about my favorite fragrance! I would be also happy to learn something interesting about your favorite fragrances! Send you tropical vibes) Bye-bye!)


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