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A secret ingredient for a successful low carb diet

Updated on November 4, 2011

The secret ingredient to all successful diets. The one they never tell you about because they don't want you to know!

It's a secret ingredient to your diet plan that truly makes it all work for you

In fact this is the secret ingredient to any kind of diet. And it’s not anything any of the diet books talk much about. Nope, they don’t. And why not? Because there’s no money to be made from this secret ingredient. It doesn’t cost anything to add it to your weight loss action plan.

Besides not being able to make money, more important is the fact that you might end up being successful with your diet and then they can’t sell you more of their products.

Those are the- Diet to end all Diets - products. Drink this mixture, eat that berry, detox with this, take tons of appetite suppressants and the list goes on and on. They never tell you about that other one.

Or maybe they haven’t worked it out at all. In fact it wouldn’t have occurred to me either if I hadn’t had one of those aha moments a few days ago. I know! (shakes head at herself) It took me an awful long time to think about it myself. I’ve been dieting for forty years. And it never ever occurred to me.

It’s FREE that's why it's a secret

Let me tell you how it got to me. I’ve been thinking about this letter to you for a while. I discovered this really nice low carb meals book that I want to share with all dieters. I’ve tried many of the recipes and they are really excellent. I follow a low carb diet so this was a great find for me.

Most of my life I’ve made do with some real awful tasting food because I’ve always had to watch my weight. Especially with my babies, during the two pregnancies I put on over 30kg of weight but my daughters only weighed just over 2kg. And I didn’t manage to knock off all the weight after the first one. So it got even worse after my second baby.

Guess where the weight went to. Yip on my hips, stomach, thighs, bum you know where it goes. And it stayed on for years. Took a huge amount of effort to get it off. So now I watch my food intake all the time, just so as not to get to that size again. Got a bit of a fright then.

After forty years, I have found that a regular number of low carb meals really does it for me. Keeps my weight under control. So I’m an enthusiast. They call them evangelists nowadays. You know the ones standing on a soap box and never stopping with the speeches.

Up to now I have spent a fair amount of my life eating rather boring grilled fish, grilled skinless chicken, very lean grilled steaks with bland steamed veggies. No butter in those. Does this sound familiar? It’s almost like having to put up with punishment isn’t it.

A great low carb meal recipe book that I can recommend

So my happiness at finding a recipe book that actually has some very tasty low carb snacks and meals in it was a very welcome find. And after trying out many of the recipes and some friends helping me as well and giving me excellent feed-back I’ve decided to promote this book.

With promoting this book I do make a little bit of money which all helps when you are 62 years old and want to get some extra presents for the grandchildren. (that’s why I have so many years of dieting experiences. Remember the Scarsdale diet anybody?)

But just to be careful and not to promote something I don’t believe in myself, I’ve also gotten a nutritionist to have a look at the recipes to make sure that the low carb part doesn’t stop you from getting all your essential nutrients.

That's really important. I look after my health. I expect you do as well. At my age I take absolutely no pills. My cholesterol is just fine and all my bits and pieces are still working. Even the brain. Although I am starting to be a little more forgetful....

But then if Hillary Clinton can survive the exhausting work of a race to the White House and now the even more exhausting time as Secretary of State, and she’s my age, then I can still be enthusiastic about a great product don’t you think?

So back to what I really want to talk about and that is my epiphany. Moment of enlightenment. The AHA experience.

But some background first - let's set the scene

A few days ago I went on a bus tour to a castle. Living in the UK it’s fairly easy to visit a castle or manor house. They are all over the place. Many of them are in good condition and in some cases the family still lives in them. This particular castle has been owned by the same family since the seventeenth century. Amazing. Quite something.

We walked the beautiful gardens, did the tour bits, looked at the amazing halls and rooms, the fabulous furniture and huge paintings, dark paneling - you get the idea and finally via the Egyptian exhibition (I know. Out of place in a way!) found our way into the tea room to go and have some tea and scones with cream and strawberry jam. As one does in England.

While I was waiting for my turn, just tea for me thank you, I was looking at the display of sweet goodies and I in particular had a moment of wishful thinking when I was looking at the sugar coated dounut. Yum. But was good, didn’t have!

Sugar and what it actually does to us

It made me think of a video I had watched a while ago. A doctor was talking about sugar and what it does to us. Something I hadn’t thought of before is that sugar makes us feel happy. It works like a food induced drug.

And there was the start of my moment. It took me until the evening to really put it together. We are eating cakes, sweets, cookies, chips etc because it makes us feel happy. Not because we are hungry. We want to feel happy. It’s got nothing to do with food at all.

So by constantly punishing ourselves with eating boring tasteless cardboard flavoured food we are telling ourselves we need to be unhappy. However, if we eat chocolates, sweets and cakes we are having fun and are happy. Food induced happy happy feelings. Which one appeals more do you think?

Fruit. Nutrition at its best!

Quick low carb snack.
Quick low carb snack.

What do we need to add to our low carb diets?

Why we need those sugar moments and what we can have instead of the killer high carb called sugar

In our relentlessly stressful time when we don’t know from one day to the next whether we will have a job we search for something that might make us feel better.

We face constant panic inducing moments. We are not sure if our pensions are still going to be paid out to us by the time we retire. Our extra investments on the stock exchange blew up into nothing in 2008.

We don’t know whether we can educate our kids and will they actually have jobs to go to. And we have no idea whether tomorrow while going shopping, we might just get killed because some unhappy religious fanatic wants to blow himself up and everybody else around him as well.

How did it this AHA moment occur to me?

What made me really put it all together? When I got home from our great fun day I stood in my kitchen and thought, I’m not actually hungry. It’s because I’ve had such fun. It was such a happy day.

My day out with great company and a fun spot to visit made me happy without having to consume sweets or any huge amount of food. I had taken a sandwich and a pear for lunch. And I was not hungry in the evening. And that’s after walking around for a few hours, admiring the inside and the outside of this amazing castle.

And it came to me. We are not experiencing enough happy moments in our lives. And we are compensating with food all the time. Now that in itself is not new, I know. But what nobody says when they push that diet book into your hands is add happy moments to your day.

You can do this too

Every day focus on having fun. Be on a mission to have fun and to feel good (without sugary cakes) add to that your low carb meal every second or so day and your weight will slowly but surely get to the level you are comfortable with.

And it will happen without you having to think of yourself as dieting or having to punish yourself. No measuring of food, no constant thinking I can’t eat that, I’m not allowed this. No, no, no, no all the time.

Here’s how to go about it. Have fun, allow yourself to be happy. Do things during the day that make you remember how good it is to have a laugh. They don’t have to cost anything.

The only requirement is that they put a smile on your face. Work at this. Work at it even harder than you do at dieting. 


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Lynn, It is good that you are eating hiltaheer than ever. But the cheese and alfredo sauce are not good for you. Sure, it tastes great, but it's not healthy. You are so close, but eating added oils and fats is offsetting all the good you are trying to accomplish. I highly suggest you check out Dr. Esselstyn to see what you are doing to your endothelial cells. Then try Dr. McDougall's starch based diet. You can feel healthy and actually be healthy. You owe it to yourself. Good Luck. Ken

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      A smile a day keeps the doctor away... being happy and having fun does change so much. So many benefits as you point out. Nice work.


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