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A secret that can help teens with many aspects of life

Updated on July 14, 2012
The secret book
The secret book

The teen power is a certain force that has the ability to control the universe for example that is the law of gravity which explains that whatever goes up must come down. The law of relativity from Einstein states that things in the universe vibrates and has its own vibe. One of the most powerful laws that exist in the universe is the law of attraction.

All of the things occur in your life happen because of attraction meaning that whatever you think about that's what you will bring it all depends on you. If you want to be an optimistic person the with your thoughts in your mind you achieve positive things but if you keep on calling the negative things then that is what will happen for reals so be careful of what you think about in the end that is what you will earn. Believe it or not your thoughts have the power to change yourself and everything else around you every single person's thoughts create a universal power which becomes a force of nature and that force is what makes your life how it's going to be like based on what you have been thinking let's say today, yesterday, or even a few years ago.

When you are reading this it might sound jedi mind trics to you but in other cases this sounds real because in the world they all posses individuality of power for example like with all of the religions that exist such as Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam. We as human beings are powerful than you might think we can control our entire experience the same that a remote controller would do when it is changing a channel for you. For example another way to understand this ok you have just had a big huge fight with your best friend, then it seems like nobody wants to talk to you but why is that?

  • Well the answer is simple because the way you think is not right your thoughts are negative and you keep on thinking about loneliness so the more tose bad vibes are in your head the more you are calling life to be miserable.

Also saying that "birds of a feather flock together meaning that they all hang out at the same time together for the fact that they all have things in common that can help them get along and understand each other good it is the reason they are attracted to each other. That is the law of attraction in action.

Like attracts like

It's not really about looking exactly alike or being the same the friends that you may have are not all clones because you don't look alike, you may almost think alike also and you like one another for it. According to the rule of attraction your thoughts have the power to do all of the attraction one example about this would be have you ever had a thought about a song that you really like? Then before you know it you're thinking about it over and over again until the song is really into your head then you will end up hearing it everywhere you go because you are now obsessing about it you are calling the song so many times with your mind when you are at the mall, at school or on TV.

- Something to remember is that thoughts become things - the law of attraction means your thoughts become true in life if you think about it even more it becomes something amazing its as if everything that you are going through in your life is all due to the mind thoughts that have been in your head.

"If you're going to be thinking anyway , you may as well think big". - Donald Trump (real estate entrepreneur)

People who are successful know this naturally in their instinct on the other hand the individuals that suffer in their life tend to have more failure. In other words you are the one that creates your reality and fortune whether its good or bad.

If you can dream it then you can live it.
If you can dream it then you can live it.

It's all in your thoughts!

Every living thing on earth has a brain to think no matter were we are or what we may be doing. If you are thinking it then it will happen simple as that so if you want only the good stuff to happen in your life then try to focus in your head only about whats good see the bright side of things in life for example things that you like and things that you want to happen for reals if you really hope for it then it will come to you later on. Similar to this saying things happen for a reason you just have to make sure its only on the good side.


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