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A strong faith and a sense of humor will get us through.

Updated on March 12, 2011


To live, to smile, to laugh

We all come into this world with nothing and we all leave this world with nothing so when you look at the big picture you realize that the material things we strive for, though important really have no significance to us at the end. The one thing that will keep us grounded and help us through the "rocky road" of life is our strong belief and faith in God who we must realize will always be there for us and this is beautifully illustrated in the footprints in the sand poem which I have read many times for inspiration and to help pick up my spirits when I felt a bit down. Reading verses from the bible is also very important and will enable us to draw closer to God.

Through our faith and trust in God we will also come to realize that we must be able to look at the world and ourselves in a way that will enable us to cry when we have to, smile when we want to and laugh when we need to. It is so important to laugh, smile and look at the lighter side of life. We can't always be consumed with worry, fear, sadness and always feeling the need to prove ourselves as that is no way to live life. We have to find a way to let the stress and tensions we feel in our lives leave us from time to time so we can experience pleasurable and happy times and share joyous and memorable moments that we all should revel in. If we were to look at a "photo scrap book" of our lives through time we will see all kinds of situations and facial expressions that will depict that very moment in our life. If we were to sum up all of these moments we would hope that the majority of them were happy and wonderful times.

We know that not everything is joyous and happy as we all have to deal with disappointment, failure, heartache and loss of loved ones. It is inevitable so we know that life for us will have happy and sad days no matter what and there will be times where we will not feel like sharing or talking or smiling or laughing. It is at these low points in our life that we need to dig deep and be strong so we can move on and hopefully find it within us to once again laugh or smile or even cry. It is what makes us human and we all are the same. We all have emotions and we all shed tears and we all appreciate humor.

I remember as a young boy watching tv shows with my family in the living room and there were memorable moments where I saw both my mom and dad laugh and it was really nice to see that because I knew how hard my dad worked and how he never really seemed to have time to relax as he had to be in bed before 9 pm and be ready to leave for work by 4:30 am every work day. He would do this 5 - 6 days a week from the time I was a baby until I was an adult and I knew he had no choice. I also knew my mom always took care of the finances and she also took good care of my sisters and I always being there for each of us and always being attentive to our needs. She was very unselfish and always put our needs ahead of her own. Dad had to provide for us and he did so without complaint. Mom and Dad always took good care of us and they always did their best. They taught us well and they made us always feel loved and protected. The one thing they could not escape though was the pressures of life which we all feel and they tried their best to not let their emotions be affected. Sometimes people find ways to escape the harsh realities of life which are not always healthy.

Most of us want to find joy and happiness in our lives and we really have to work hard at it. We all want to laugh and smile and feel the joy in our heart but we know that we can't always live this way because life does throw us curve balls which we need to be prepared for. I found that growing up has it's share of pressure and unsettling moments but I knew that if I prepared myself and worked hard like my parents taught me that things would fall into place and I would start to develop confidence and believe in myself. We all need to feel certain about our lives, about ourselves, about who we are and about what we do. Sometime it takes time and we don't always know. We also have to learn not to take life too seriously because we all will die one day and there really seems to be no point in letting circumstances always dictate our lives. Sometimes we have to take control of our lives and not live in fear and let our mood always be affected as we so often do.

If I were to be alone and all I had was my thoughts and ideas and the ability to think, react and feel I would sooth my loneliness and isolation with happy and peaceful meditation and visions that make me feel good. In essence we are alone and when we feel down we must always remember to look to God and to try to stay positive and rely on our sense of humor so that we can laugh, smile and find happiness.

If I could get in the mind of one person to see how they get through life with a keen sense of humor it would be Jim Carrey since he is someone who always makes me laugh with his facial expressions, his antics and his overall goofiness. From what I understand about Jim was he compensated for living in stressful and difficult times growing up as a child with his sense of humor. It was that awareness he had that kept him strong and led to his ultimate success in life.

If I were to be trapped in an elevator for some time with someone I would choose to be with someone who is good at figuring out how to get out safely and one who can make me laugh at the situation and not get stressed out about it. It seems in life we let circumstances stress us out too much and that is not in our best interest. We need to learn to take a step back and just remain calm and look to a lighter side to avoid the turmoil and anxiety.

Humor and laughter is the best medicine and the comedians who helped make me laugh through the years were Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Lucille Ball, Dick Van Dyke, Freddie Prinze, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Bill Cosby, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Gary Shandling, Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield and George Carlin to name a few. If I could learn some lessons about comedy, laughter and dealing with life I would gladly choose to learn from these great minds.

Babies can teach us a thing or two about life with there innocence and their precious laughing. A baby's laughter is spontaneous and can be for just about anything. I remember when my son was a baby and how he would laugh and it was so much fun just watching him as he would laugh uncrontrollably. It was truly liberating and we all should know how to laugh like that.

So in life we will have many shared experiences and will go through so many different emotions and the one thing we should always remember is that we are here for a brief time and we may as well make the best of it and learn to laugh in the process for if we can laugh and develop humor in our life we will manage through adversity and find a better way and it has been reported by many medical professionals that laughter and humor can help us in so many ways and even as part of a regiment in caring for our heart. So remember this next time you reach for the aspirin that laughter to promotes good heart health and can ward off a heart attack.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Laughing baby

Laughing baby girl, so cute

Footprints in the sand


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