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A sense of humor is a great asset!

Updated on September 22, 2013

Tenali Raman and Mullah Nasiruddin!

Humor must become a part of our life!

People with humor sense always float in the turbulent waters of earthly life. Humor is an integral part of life. Without the sense of humor, one will become desolate and depressed. It is like a pinch of salt. Our life on earth has become mechanical. None lives their life with enthusiasm. The media depicts only the negative side of life more than the positive sides. When the weather outside is hot and sultry, humor acts as a cool breeze!

Laughter is the best medicine. It should not be cosmetic. You should enjoy thoroughly the situations. Humor should not hurt. It should be spontaneous. Many humorists narrates anecdotes pertaining to them. There were many examples and the stories of 'mullah' is famous. Once mullah was inside his house and there was a crashing sound. Mullah's wife asked "what happened?. Mullah replied, "Nothing, my coat has fallen! His wife was not satisfied with the reply. After a while, mullah replied, 'i was inside the coat! These are day to day situations. One can understand that 'mullah' was wise!

In South Indian literature, there is mention about "Tenali Raman". He was employed in the court of King of Vijayanagaram.. Actually, Tenali Raman was a poor lad and he was distressed that he was not able to earn money to sustain himself. He fervently prayed before Mother Kali, goddess of India. Since he was sincere in his prayers and the mother too was happy with his devotion. She presented herself before Tenali Raman and told him, "I have got two vessels one is milk and another is curd. Which vessel you seek from me? Tenali Raman asked the goddess, "What is the significance of the 'milk and curd?. The goddess told him, "milk represents knowledge or wisdom. Curd represents wealth. Tenali Raman being a shrewd man mixed the contents of both vessels and drank it! The mother grew angry since he dared to cheat her. Somehow she blessed him stating , "since you have mixed the contents of both", you will become a poet with a lot of humor sense and employed by the King.

Due to the blessings of goddess, Tenali Rama was employed in the court of King. The king liked him since Tenali Rama possessed both wisdom and wit. Many people in the court envied him since his clout with the king was great. They all planned many ways to discredit him before the king. Tenali Rama smelled all their plans and thwarted them at the neck of the moment. He too wanted to teach suitable lessons to his distractors. Hence he once invited the officials of the court who planned against him to a feast in the house. He asked his wife to fry to papads in castor oil. The papads are tasty thing made out of ulud and oil mixed with a little salt. They were dried in the hot sun and fried in oil as a tasty side dish. Every one liked the papads and ate them with gusto on that day. Since they were prepared in castor oil, those who have eaten them become uneasy after some time. They were running for toilets to ease them. Many of them were purging continuously. Thus Tenali Rama took revenge of the people inimical to him.

After the event none dared to offend Tenali Rama,the court jester.He was always wise and used his wit to steal the heart of the King. His timely wit amused one and all in the court. Once due to some unfavorable circumstances Tenali Rama earned the ire of the king. hiThe King banished him from the court stating, "Don't show your face hereafter! Tenali Rama become much upset but one day the people of the court found a man wearing a mudpot covering his face and head. People started laughing at the man whose face and head hidden in the mud pot. The King was amused at the prank. He asked him, "Why are you hiding your face? To this the man replied "Oh King! It is for obeying your order! The king immediately realized that the man must be Tenali Rama! He asked him to show his face and when the pot was removed, every one were happy that the witty Tenali Rama is back! The king too pardoned him and accepted him in the court!

Hence we must enjoy humor amid the tensions of life. Many people possess the sense of humor. They must develop it by enjoying the amusing situations in life. Once a gentleman told a stranger, "I am the owner of the house, I have my wife's permission to say so! Let us enjoy humor and be humorous to ease the tensions of others!


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