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Teenage drugs. Mood altering prescription medications or drugs

Updated on October 25, 2013

Teenage Drugs

have been pondering the use of mood altering prescription drugs for some time. The untimely death of Michael Jackson and Movie-Star Australian Heath Ledger prompted me today something about this topic. Given Heath's young age and recent filming in the latest Batman Movie 'Dark Knight' as the character The Joker. Ironically it looks like the film will become an all time box office success. It is anticipated it will soon exceed Titanic in Box office receipts.

Ledger appears to have died by chemical cocktail of prescription drugs; together with pneumonia. I think now is a good time to discuss the use of Sleeping pills and Anti-Depressants medication generally. It is now an established and well known fact that mixing certain prescription medications with alcoholic drinks can be fatal.

Ledger was taking the prescribed sleeping tablet Stilnox at the time of his death. Reports from his close confidants say that he was still waking up after only a couple of hours sleep with the pills. I went through a period last year after my car was stolen when I could not sleep. My mind was racing I wanted to act to do something with the anger, the loss and the inconvenience that losing an expensive personal item which I used everyday to get to work the shops and recreational activities. I used a few sleeping tablets but found myself waking up after a few hours feeling groggy & confused.

Scientific Literature

The Scientific literature says depression is highly treatable with drugs yet for many of us prescription drug use is less than satisfactory and often the common and not so common side effects can seem more disturbing than the illness.

Over the years I have suffered bouts of depression which have seriously interfered with my quality of life and ability to function. Often I and many others feel that we are suffering alone. The spirit becomes tortured and the mind pontificates and gets s anxious over every big and little thing. Sometimes I have gone years with few symptoms then all of a sudden as sure as night follows day the skeleton closet is rattled and out it comes to again wreck havoc with your job, your life your relationships just about everything. Physically too muscles and joints ache the neck aches and pleasure seems to go down the plughole.

Then the difficulty knows when you’re unhappy as distinct from clinically depressed. The fine line or /is the fine line difficult to know for oneself. Or does the fine line really exist? Over the years I can say I have not being the perfect patient. The rebel in me does not want me to be a compliant zombie I have disregarded the advice to take these drugs until the Doc tells me not too, Rather when I feel well I take myself off them right, Because only I know How I feel. The doctors do not have to take them and suffer the often lousy side effects. Nausea, tension, dry mouth, sweating that sort of thing. Then the issue is if I remove the thing that I consider is making me unhappy such as a job etc will I feel better again. In other words do I change the external environment or do I treat the internal (me). Is my mind reasoning and thinking faulty or do I see the world the way it really is? A goddamn mess? Is it this pessimistic dour view of the world the reason for my condition? Or should I hit the self help book store again and be evangelised by the likes of Anthony Robbins. Or should I just live through it. Wear the pain be strengthened by the ability to live through it unassisted by chemical crutches. The experts say you should not self diagnose and self treat that you should be leaving it to the professional. My question is and remains unanswered are the current drugs of today really up to the task?

(Note that this is just a general anecdotal discussion and should not replace expert medical advice)


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    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 9 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Well done Michelle

    • Michelle Reed profile image

      Michelle Reed 9 years ago from Kansas

      I know what you are talking about with your hub. I was depressed for years and did not understand what depression even was. I broke down in a doctors office because of the kids, I was so overwhelmed. There's nothing like having to go through a personal female procedure with four kids doing their best to rummage an office, lol. I was on Zoloft for quite a while, and when I started college, my life changed so much by being around other people my age, and ones that understood me, I quit taking the medication within a month of starting school, and I have never looked back. During this last semester of college though, I took on classes that most masters students wouldn't take together and I felt the old depression creeping in, but I refused to take medication for depression and worked it out, even though the doctor was pushing for me to take Zoloft again. You are right, we have to know our own bodies as well as listening to what a doctor says, only the individual truly knows the depth to which their depression is.

    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 9 years ago from Queensland Australia

      yes Ive come across the abraham hicks site thanks for that comment !

    • RainbowRecognizer profile image

      RainbowRecognizer 9 years ago from Midwest

      This is also not 'medical' advice, but worth looking into as the information can be life changing - our thoughts have immense power... and

      You have asked some very pertinent and important questions!