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A writer's guide to happiness in life

Updated on June 17, 2014

Happiness Comes from Within

Do your eyes sparkle with delight when you look up into the stars as they twinkle by? Do you run in that rain puddle just for the fun of it? A number of times people assume that happiness comes when you are in a good circumstance, that if only you have the most latest brands or that new shiny car everyone's raving about will you find joy and acceptance. How many of you go about the day looking for others approval, constantly doing the mediocre thing only to gain a few eyes on you for a few weeks maybe? Many of you will probably dismiss this and say "I don't care about what anyone else thinks" but deep down there's a tiny thought of what to wear so that you will fit in or how should you act to impress that cute boy/girl over there. As if doing what everyone else does will make you content or the only way that people will like you is if you follow a certain ritual that you probably don't even like! Forget this! That term yolo wasn't constructed for you to waste your life and get drunk. Yes you only live once but why waste your precious moment by leading an average life and causing harm to your body. You do not know if tomorrow is your last day alive or even if this is your last second alive! Yes I know, I know you're probably assuming this is some cliché article from some angsty teen that doesn't want to get a 'real job' in the future. But listen, how many mornings are you happy to wake up and look forward to the day ahead? How many days are wasted waiting for the weekend and dreading the coming of Monday? The tedious week has left you only exhausted. Stop. That's it, just stop. No one can tell you exactly how to obtain happiness but yourself. You need to understand where your mind drifts to and your longing heart wanders to on a day to day basis. To help, here are some questions that you can ask yourself, which will help you decipher where you want to be career wise and relationship wise.

~Am I truly satisfied with my life right now?

~If my life were a movie or a book would I be proud to watch it or read it?

~Do I project a positive outlook on life?

~What blocks are in my way of achieving where I want to be? What can I do about this?

~Do I only show joy when I get material items?

~Do I respect myself

~Do I set safe boundaries with my family? Friends? Significant other?

~Do I enjoy volunteering for the benefit of others even if I get no goods in return?

~Do I forgive myself for my bad behavior?

~Do I forgive others easily?

~What sparks my interest deep in my heart (what do you like to do when you have nothing else planned) ?

~Do I want true happiness? Do I want to live to the fullest?

These are a few questions you can reflect on daily, I encourage you to think about the true meaning of happiness, don't over think this, happiness is a commitment for your life, not something you can just get automatically. I would enjoy hearing your comments on this article. Wish you all the best!


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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 3 years ago from Northern California

      I agree with your article. We who live in freedom without restriction to move about, choose our faith, vote, and live in places of our choice need to evaluate our priorities now. Time is moving fast. Thanks for sharing your list. It is good for us to all think about those things today.